Ster Kinekor loses Codemasters Licence – Nu Metro swoops again

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From the outside looking in it looks like everyone is jumping ship over at Ster Kinekor gaming.

First we had the rumours of Capcom and Midway leaving midway which turned out to be entirely accurate. Then we had rumours of Konami leaving which has been officially denied and now it has been stated that Codemasters have left SK.

According to a Twitter posting by,

“Nu Metro have now taken over the Codemasters license from Ster Kinekor effective from 1 April 2009”

While they may have brushed off Midway without to much damage I have a feeling the loss of Capcom and Codemasters is going to hurt SK quite badly this year.

We will try get some official confirmation on this matter from Nu Metro and obviously will let you know as soon as we have something concrete.

Last Updated: March 17, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • easy

    i wonder what sk are up to?
    or maybe more accurately, what nu-metro are up to…

    not that it really matters, doubt any benefit with come to the people that actually buy the games

  • competition always breeds benefit.. is SK want to stay a major player they will have to start changing… that can only be good for the end consumer

  • easy

    for sure!
    but this is south africa, and we have a history of supposedly competitive companies colluding.
    not that i saying nm, sk and msd are colluding, but the benefits in our wallets are not being felt.

    i hope what you say transpires though

  • Q121

    Maybe I am completely off base, but I never understood why movie distribution companies are in charge of the gaming brands…

    Would it not be better if this was handled by gamers, in a purely gaming distribution company…

    Mmmmm maybe there is a gap in the market for me…

  • Fox1

    I remember GRiD selling for R829 or so when it was released and we never have a economic crisis back then 🙁

  • Maybe someone like Megarom 🙂

    It’s not just you I have also wondered why movie companies distribute games in SA… You could argue they are both home entertainment but that is about where it stops…

  • Generally speaking, the gaming industry isn’t big enough to be profitable. So Movie Distributors take on game distribution because they have existing supply chains to leverage off.

    Which really doesn’t explain why SK is the most expensive.

  • easy

    games fall under home entertainment, so it stands to reason why companies like sk distribute games.
    a larger basket of products, and not focus just on movies.

  • I can confirm that NM Games have the Codemasters’ license from 1 April — received notifications from head honchos on both SK and NM sides…

  • When will this downward spiral of SK end?
    Maybe when they employ staff who actually know what the gaming industry is about and actually know games..

    I think its time that SK lose the whole Sony Playstation licence and some other company take it over. Maybe then the PS3 will bloom like the Wii and Xbox 360 have ( in sa)

    And this must not be Megarom.. We need more competition in SA. Look at the great job teh core group is doing.. ok fine there are some games that they just dont import ( like super paper mario) but walk into any shop that sell electronics and there is a wii and wii games. and the wii games are actualy affordable.

  • polly

    They deserve all of what they getting!

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