Street Fighter V’s DLC characters and ranking system revealed

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It’s not Tuesday dammit, but I’ll take any Street Fighter V news that I can get my hands on. And this snippet of info is juicy. Oh yeah, juicier than my attempt to grill a steak at medium rare for some friends of mine, which ended up with a slab of meat that mooed whenever someone stuck a fork in it.

Anyway, thanks to the recent PC beta, more industrious Street Fighter fans have managed to get their hands on data files for the game. That data-mining divulged that a Balrog reveal is coming, but there’s more than just that fella on the way. There’re five other fighters on the way.

Here’s the full list from Shoryuken:

  • Guile – Street Fighter 2’s iconic military man. SONIC BOOM!
  • Balrog  – Not to be confused with Mike Tyson
  • Ibuki – Ninja girl with some surprisingly agile attacks, from ye olde Street Fighter 3 days
  • Juri – Street Fighter 4 kicking machine
  • Alex – Back from the dead, this grappler was last seen Suplexing his way through Street Fighter 3
  • Urien – Street Fighter 3 combo master who will simply CRUSH you

You can’t have a Street Fighter game without Guile. You just can’t. Guile and the others will most likely be using some of that in-game currency to be purchased, a system that pretty much works for everyone. It’s the inclusion of Juri however, that has me posting heart emoticons all over the place.

Easily one of my favourite new additions to the franchise, Juri was simply a phenomenal character to use for beginners, and with a great design to boot. Also, the fact that Capcom hasn’t resurrected El F***ing Fuerte for Street Fighter V, makes me far too happy.

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Other info gleaned from the data-mining via PcgamesN revealed a new ranking system, which will have players starting at the bottom and working their way up through various levels. There’s also what appears to be an in-game channel for Capcom Pro Tour Premier Tournaments, so similar to DotaTV then.

Street Fighter V finally got a release date last week at the Paris Games Week Sony press conference. Fisticuffs will commence on February 16. And yes, that date happens to fall on a…Tuesday.

Last Updated: November 4, 2015

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  • Captain JJ the Goo

    When you said it’s not Tuesday it made me realise it’s already Wednesday.
    Seems I’ve lost a day again somewhere 😀

    • Nikola

      It’s always good to lose a day during the week problem is when you lose a weekend day:)

      • Captain JJ the Goo

        I lost one last weekend…spent the day with my mother-in-law. ;P

        • Hammersteyn

          Get her into gaming, problem solved

          • Captain JJ the Goo

            If only that would solve it.

        • Nikola

          Sorry dude that must have sucked, I don’t have a mother in law and not looking forward to that…

          • Captain JJ the Goo

            I wouldn’t have minded if she was a nice lady, but the stories I can tell will put most villains to shame.

          • Nikola

            hahahaha damn dude…now I am picturing your mother in law like that villan old lady from 101 Dalmatians!

          • Captain JJ the Goo

            Sounds about right ;P

    • Abduraghmaan Van Oordt

      Same here dude! I was like: but wait ” it is Tuesday” geez. Losing my mind. 1 Step Closer to Weekend Bappee!

      • Captain JJ the Goo


  • Hammersteyn

    Still no Akuma…..

    • Nikola

      pff Akuma sucks it’s like rehash version of Ken and Ryu he should never been in Street Fighter V

      • Hammersteyn

        Akuma is like Ryu and Ken, but on steroids made by Satan

        • Captain JJ the Goo


        • Nikola

          Hahah I never looked at it that way, #bringbackAkuma

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