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Take On Mars 1

Take to the red planet once again in yet another video game, this time in Take On Mars, where you won’t be attacked by mutants/aliens/Mars-rats.

As one of the latest titles in the Take On series by Bohemia Interactive, Take On Mars places its players in the seat of a Rover Operator. Able to control fully simulated mobile Rovers and stationary Landers you’ll be working your way through numerous Science Missions. With this arsenal at your side, you’ll uncover all the secrets of the planet’s past.

I must admit when I first saw the title I thought it’d either be another RPG where you will have to fight some corporate giant trying to gain control of all resources, or a rival faction for survival and territory, or aliens who want to eat your face off. But it’s good to see a decent simulator that gives you the chance to live your childhood dream of exploring a different planet, albeit through science and Rovers rather than being there in as an astronaut.

Take On Mars will release for PC on 1 August, available for purchase through Steam. Check out some screenshots below.

Take On Mars 2 Take On Mars 3 Take On Mars


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