Team Fortress 2 – Meet The Spy

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The guys at Valve are quickly becoming known not only for their fantastic games, but also for their absolutely hilarious little videos for the Team Fortress 2 characters.

With the Spy update on it’s way, which also adds achievements as well as other goodies, they have put together this really funny video showing off what the spy can do. The video was actually leaked onto the internet yesterday, and according to a comment from Valve today, it seems that it was because it was uploaded to Youtube as public video by mistake.

Be sure to check this out, it will be sure to put a smile on your face, and even though the graphics are very cartoony, the video is actually violent as hell. So grab a cup of coffee, or some food and click the play button.

Last Updated: May 19, 2009

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  • sylarZA

    Ah cant wait looks awesome!

  • dewej

    ahem, Gentlemen, have any of you guys been following this update? I am one of many of the South African TF2 player and the hype for this update I hardly see in many full game releases, it started as a sniper update then on the forth day it became a spy update aswell, oh my Friday will be a fun day, well played valve, bloody funny video :ninja:

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