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Team Fortress

Those lucky people over at IGN where given a sneak peek at the new Tam Fortress 2 from valve… I have been ignoring this game for a while as I always thought it looked a little childish..

but after reading the write up on it today I am now very interested in giving this a bash. There are 9 different classes to choose from. The big guy in the picture is called a Heavy and is the most powerful of all the classes. However he is also slow and easy to target. You then get Pyro, Scout, Sniper, Spy, Engineer, Demoman, Soldier, and Medic to complete the roster.

It all sounds very interesting and I recommend clicking through and reading up on it. The one big change they have made from most shooters is that the game type and the map is joined. They have done this to make sure the maps are perfect for the games. We will have to wait and see how that turns out.

Link to IGN: Team Fortress 2 Preview

Last Updated: April 16, 2007

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