Team up with Napoleon in Assassin’s Creed: Unity

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Guess what? Assassin’s Creed Unity has a story. I know, all we’ve seen so far is pretty crowd scenes and trailers about co-op, but now we get some details about the story thanks to a pretty new trailer. Napoleon even laughs at your murder hood.

Here is the new video all about Arno and his the plot.

For those who don’t watch videos, Napoleon thinks your murder hood is a bit much, before you flash back to being a child and best friends with a pretty red head. Flash forward again, and that pretty red headed girl is now a rather hot red headed woman who needs your help for revenge. There’s also reference to your father being killed, and your assassin training in prison. Oh, Arno is doing all the stabbing for redemption, not revenge. According to the official word from Ubisoft:

Conspiracy. Intrigue. Betrayal. Sounds like a party, if you ask us (or the Marquis de Sade). When the revolution begins, Arno’s allegiances are torn as he seeks to discover the truth behind the murder of his father and unmask the forces working behind the scenes in France.

I’m just glad that they referenced the Marquis de Sade. Although really, isn’t every Assassin’s Creed game about conspiracy, intrigue and betrayal? That’s what makes it so much fun. In any event, here are some extra sexy screens to rub your eyeballs over as you count down the days in this last month until the game releases.

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Do you like the quick visions of the major revolutionary figures, or are you more interested in the cultural pioneers of the time? I like seeing Napoleon, but I’m more excited about seeing the Marquis de Sade… although maybe I shouldn’t admit to that.

Last Updated: October 7, 2014

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  • Ryanza

    Ass Creed Unity is locked at 900p 30fps on both consoles because of parity. They made the game the same on both consoles to avoid debates and stuff.
    So in other words Xbox One is shit and they don’t want us talking about it.

    Don’t Support Ubisoft.

    • Jonah Cash

      I won’t go as far as saying don’t support Ubisoft, but rather piss and moan at them so that they know that this is just not on!! Maybe just don’t support this game and they might learn something!!

      Hope they don’t do the same shit with Far Cry 4?!?!?!?! I see a lot of unhappy people in the next month or so….

      • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

        If you support them in this, it means they can continue doing this. I say draw a line in the sand and don’t cross it. This sort of shit needs to stop NOW!

        • Jonah Cash

          I’m actually a bit over Ass Creed to be honest… I won’t get one of them this year!!

      • justerthought

        Ubisoft, please don’t pull this PS4 gimping parity rubbish on Far Cry 4 as well or it will ruin a great game and turn it into ugly crap. I want both Assassin’s Creed Unity and Far Cry 4 delayed six months on PS4 to sort this out in order to get GPU compute (asynchronous compute) up and running on the PS4 to help the CPU process all this AI overload. Surely they are not going to release ugly crap like this and loose millions of sales.

        • Jonah Cash

          The sad thing is they will probably not lose sales as people are idiots!!

    • Xcalibersa

      Please, with all the MS advertising money, you think this site will say something bad about them. Its already proven in their review.

      • Jonah Cash

        What review? Of the X1? I didn’t read anything in there that was not fair…. They didn’t do a piece where they compared the two consoles they reviewed the X1!! Very big difference that!! The X1 isn’t a bad console, it is just when you put it next to the PS4 where you see that it is inferior…. But there is a lot of people who will still be happy with their X1!! Just ask Pieter Kruger!!

        • Xcalibersa

          There is also a lot of people that are happy with their BB 8520.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Funnily enough the big boss was saying the other day he liked his BB more than his shiny new smartphone because it worked better for making & receiving calls.

          • Xcalibersa

            The newer ones yes, they are good.

          • Jonah Cash

            And that is their right!! If that is what they chose then so be it…

        • Hammersteyn

          I miss Halo Homer :'(

      • Alien Emperor Trevor


      • Hammersteyn
  • Hammersteyn

    Marquis de Sade FTW, his work made 50 Shades of Grey look like Sewende Laan.

    • Admiral Chief 0


  • Spathi

    At 2:15 – Best new generation game – LAZYGAMER

    Well done once again!

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    Since Ubisuck has locked this game to 900p and 30fps because of parity (SCREW YOU MICROSOFT), I will only get it second hand. Ubisoft won’t get a cent from me.

  • Admiral Chief 0
  • Maxiviper117

    Makes me so glad I built a PC and just bought GTX 970.

  • SargonTheGreatPandaOfAkkad

    This looks like a game I HAVE TO OWN. Urgh. Why did you have to redeem yourself with AC4: Black Flag? Now this looks even better than anything that has come before. An actual story line! That looks INTERESTING?! YES PLEASE!

  • justerthought

    I can already see the flickering pixels of background details and jaggy edges in this trailer due to the low 900p resolution. It looks ugly. Dog rough. Who the hell at Ubisoft thought it was a good idea to flood the game with AI causing a CPU-bound situation that prevents the PS4 from achieving 1080p. Then they deliberately avoid using spare GPU capacity in the PS4 to run GPU compute (asynchronous compute) which would take the pressure off the CPU and achieve 1080p. This is lowest common denominator stuff and it looks crap. It has the same ugliness and roughness I saw in Titanfall on XB1. Definitely not the quality I’m use to seeing on PS4. XB1 gamers won’t notice anything different.

    I notice the screenshots are bullshots because they are 1080p, not 900p. I still can’t get use to the main characters eyes. They look weird like a reptile with each eye looking in different directions. This game is getting worse the more I see of it. The trailer was meant to focus us on the story, but I couldn’t concentrate on it because of that flickering window sill distracting my attention in the first scene. I just couldn’t invest any interest after that because all I could see was jagged torn edges and flickering details. I’m very disappointed.

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