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In The Division, you’d kill a man for a cardigan. The desire for loot is strong here, and turning on your fellow player isn’t unheard of in the Dark Zones. Thing is, it’s not just your friends that you have to worry about in this game. New York is home to plenty of criminals, psychopaths and extreme heat fanatics who are more than happy to fill you with enough lead to stop Superman from spying on you when you’re in the shower.

Here’s a rundown on the people who you’re going to have to shoot in the face several times in The Division:

The Cleaners


A roaming faction, the Cleaners can appear in many districts; all agents should proceed with extra caution, especially in Cleaner-occupied territories. The faction consists of workers that were stranded from their homes once the virus hit.

Trapped in the quarantine zones, they decided to take matters into their own misguided hands. Armed with flamethrowers, they travel from one area to another hoping to cleanse the city of the virus. They will burn anything they deem to be contaminated. Their terror spreads quickly like the fire they wield.

Leader: Joe Ferro

  • Identifiers: Hazmat suit, reflector vest, flamethrower, full mask
  • Location: Garment District
  • Goal: Cleanse the city with fire
  • Role: High level threat

Enemy force composition:

  • Sweeper
  • Fumigator
  • Shield
  • Mechanic
  • Incinerator



While Rioters do not have a set in stone hierarchy, each gang follows a certain leader. Such examples being Clutch or Five-O (possibly may just be a boss or a squad-like leader, basically tougher versions of peon Rioters) as well as a few more leaders.

They usually carry bigger and heavier weapons than their lower ranking members and tend to have armor, with the weapon of choice for most of them seems to be light machine guns.

  • Identifiers: No unique identifiers; members wear mixed tactical gear and clothing
  • Location: Hudson Yards, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea
  • Goal: Survival by any means
  • Role: Low level enemy
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Enemy force composition:

  • Rioter
  • Daredevil
  • Lurker
  • Lookout
  • Bruiser
  • Heavy Weapons

Riker’s Gang


A destructive criminal faction that has surfaced as a result of an organized prison break from Riker’s Island. The Rikers faction fill the power vacuum left by retreating Joint Task Force (JTF) and now rule like kings in a lawless land. Their first objective: enact revenge on authorities—kill everyone with a uniform, especially the JTF.

With many members from local New York gangs, their ranks quickly grew as they drew in more local followers. Their rapid growth has led to occasional in-fighting and rivalry. This, however, is kept at bay by LaRae Bennett. Known as much for her ruthlessness as her ability to plan, organize, and lead. Bennett’s powerful leadership over her members show that the Rikers Gang is not to be triffled with.

Leader: LaRae Barrett

  • Identifiers: Prison wear, tattoos
  • Location: Clinton, Flatiron District, Stuyvesant, Kips Bay
  • Goal: Power & Greed
  • Role: Destructive chaotic threat

Enemy force composition:

  • Enforcer
  • Slinger
  • Guard
  • Hitman
  • Runner
  • Boss

Last Man Battalion


Worn and battle-weary, the LMB were none too pleased being recalled from overseas and diverted to Manhattan. With their requests for transfer gone unheeded and extraction not an option, this unit has become trapped far from home in the worst area of the pandemic. Tired of indecisive local authorities, their commander, Charles Bliss, took matters into his own hands, disobeying direct orders and executing a Joint Task Force (JTF) official—effectively turning his entire company and himself into mutineers.

Convinced not just the city, but the nation, will collapse under the hopeless burden of the virus they created, this unit has no allegiance to anyone but themselves. The LMB will use any and all means necessary to make sure they make it through the storm, and use their newly formed nation of only the strong to usher in a new world order where only the strong survive.

Leader: Charles Bliss

  • Identifiers: Distorted US flag, sytlized fascist symbols
  • Location: Undetermined
  • Goal: Fascist rule
  • Role: Occupying force
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Enemy force composition:

  • Sniper
  • Rifleman
  • Scout
  • Gunner
  • Grenadier
  • Engineer

Last Updated: March 11, 2016

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  • Murshid Raven

    Tips on how to take out certain unique enemies would be cool. Such as shoot the Cleaners’ fuel tanks for instance.

    • Andre Fourie

      Very entertaining to see a cleaner take off when his tank is ruptured and throwing flames. LOL.

      • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

        Hahaha!! Yes, quite entertaining to see the dude flailing his arms in desperation, running around to his nearest buddy for help and then, BOOM, no more fuel tank/buddy….

        • Andre Fourie

          I just aim for the tanks. Makes my day.

  • Andre Fourie

    The Cleaners have so far been the biggest challenge for me personally, especially the Mechanics and some snipers. And the dudes in the Dark Zone. Still have to meet Rikers Gang and the LMB. I see different enemies have different colour in game tags. Purple and Yellow tag dudes seem the biggest challenge to put down. Tips will be awesome. And a tag colour guide. Do other factions, except for the LMB also have snipers? Or do they all work together? Encountered some snipers working with Cleaners in two missions now.

    • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

      Those dudes in the DZ… The first time i walked in there, I was wondering what to expect, then I saw two players come closer, friendly bloke, mind you, and we took on what seemed to be an endless wave of them, great fun to still be had in this game…

      • Andre Fourie

        I went in there alone and found some dudes busy with a shootout which I joined, revived some dudes and they seemed happy to have me tag along, which was quite nice of them. I like to lend a helping hand. Met three rogue pricks which I dispatched off quickly.

        • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

          I met two french dudes in the DZ, but as I entered I saw 4 red skulls, running around and generally annoying everyone, when I finally got to the rogue guys, I accidentally shot one of the french dudes, to which he turned to me and said “Eh, sorree, eh, we-eh will not-eh do anysing, eh, ok, eh?”, to which we all got shot, I then decided to run back there, found one of the rogue dudes, shot the living crap out of him, which prompted them to exit the subway chasing me, so while I’m running and ducking for cover, quite literally a horde, as in ten guys come running down the street, with the two french dudes from earlier, at the helm of things, screaming, “Don’t eh, worry, booddie, we heff brought you some-eh re-inforcement, ok?”

          It was one of the best moments I’ve had in a Multiplayer game to date…

          • Andre Fourie

            Awesome stuff. Nice if guys stick together. What you playing on? I do XBOX One.

          • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

            I’m on the PC version, the game is awesome!!

    • Nikola

      LMB are the worst trust me but even Rikers are worse than cCeaners in my opinion they have these guys that rush u with Shotguns sooo annoying and their heavy bosses are terrible to fight!

      • Andre Fourie

        But common sense tell me you should scavenge some kickass gear from the LMB if they are ex millitary?

        • Nikola

          Yeah you do but only reason is because u higher level when u fight them like 26+. Not much common sense here haha you shoot a guy in a head 5 times and he don’t die. Not to take away anything from the game love it!

  • Nikola

    Loving this game, hit level 30 on Saturday excited to play some end game mission once all my friends level up:( I found though loot in this game is much more gratifying than Destiny for example feels like you get reward properly not screwed by engrams:|

    • Jac7

      Buddy of mine bought it for me yesterday on the PS4 because he was tired of playing without his buds. I was like “Fuck yeah!” And then I started playing, and i was like, “Fucking A!” Amazing game.

      • Nikola

        Hahahah that’s freaking awesome. Yeah really good game:)

    • Sageville

      At level 30 you unlock “Challenge” difficulty, have you tried any missions on that level?

      • Nikola

        You need 4 people apparently for those mission:) SO waiting on you patiently Sage! Think I am just going to level my DZ level for now.

        • Sageville

          You leveled prematurely…

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