The easiest way to get money on GTA Online

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If there is something I’d like Rockstar to patch it is how you make money in GTA, some things are just so expensive and it takes so long to get that money if you aren’t a stock market whizz kid. Yes I get that it’s the same in real life but I don’t like real life in my gaming.

Anyway if you aren’t interested in having much fun in the game and just want to get ludicrously rich then this is possibly the best way to get money in the game where you can get around $700k an hour by farming this mission.

The video above is brought to us all by Gamechump and really does show you exactly how to do this.

Honestly I seriously couldn’t be bothered in trying that more than 2 or 3 times but if you need cash to start a job this is likely how you would want to do it.. just a pity you need to be level 45 before you can do this job.

How about you lot? Have you found a sure fire way to make cash in the online side of GTA V?

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