The final word in the SterKinekor / Customs drama

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I have said from the beginning that SK were in no way responsible for the copies of Killzone 2 being held by customs in Durban and statements from SK locally and customs have backed that up.

However SAFACT have now come out and given us a definitive answer to the entire debacle.

You can read the entire statement after the jump but the crux of the mater is as that customs stopped the packages after seeing a large amount of items hitting the country from They opened them up, say that they were Sony games and contacted the concerned representatives of the brand holder (SCEE) and then sent through samples to SAFACT to confirm whether they are counterfeited or pirated.

Once SAFACT analyses the discs they will be sent on their way to the awaiting consumers. Before anyone gets uptight about the fact that you pirate Blu-Ray discs you also need to remember that this isn’t the only way they could be illegal. They theoretically could have been stolen and resold or be fake goods entirely.

In this case you will all get your discs after the annoying process is complete and I have to say that I do support customs in attempting to thwart piracy in South Africa.

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The only thing I don’t understand is why didn’t SK tell us this when we first asked them? It would have made everything a lot easier for everyone.

Full statement from SAFACT

“Ster Kinekor was not, and is not, responsible for the detention of a consignment of Sony PlayStation products by customs officials in Durban. Customs are entitled to detain any consignment that they suspect of including copyright infringing product. On detaining the consignments concerned the registered representatives of the brand holder concerned are advised and samples provided for analysis to ascertain status of the product.

SAFACT was notified by Customs of the consignments and arrangements made to analyse samples. Should the product be found to be genuine then customs will release the consignments. Should the product be identified as pirated or counterfeit then customs seize the product and SAFACT submits a complaint and legal action instituted.
At no time was Ster Kinekor involved in the detention of this consignment.

SAFACT, in this instance, is acting on behalf of SCEE.
SAFACT, whilst understanding the frustration that such detentions of genuine product can cause, appreciates the ongoing efforts of Customs in ensuring that counterfeit and copyright infringing product does not find it’s way into South Africa. Such actions are responsible for a dramatic decrease in illegal imports.

Every effort will be made to expedite the inspection of this consignment.


As for the accusations that it was Ster Kinekors brand attorneys holding the process up, well I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if SK and Sony Europe hold the same attorneys in SA and they were contacted by customs. They didn’t request the seizure they would have just been notified of it and of the fact that SAFACT would be analysing the goods.

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At this time they could probably have told customs to let the goods go but honestly there is absolutely no reason why they would do that seeing that they didn’t know if they were entirely legal at that time.

Source of statement: MyGaming

Last Updated: March 16, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • Q121

    I wonder will this start happening with the m$ xbox 360 games that are shipped in….

    Because if we have to wait on MI digital to get our games it could take YEARS

  • Shodan

    So I take it from now on they wont hold it back if it came from shopto seeing that it is legit and not pirated…

  • Banana Hammock

    They only held back the steelbox editions. I pre-ordered the normal version from Shopto at the same time as everyone else and i got it without any delays, as did everyone else that ordered the normal version.

  • So who would be responsible if the idiots f*ck up
    your discs?

  • Squirrely

    Wow – must be smiling all the way. Must be a shit load of business from SA. We should create a “lazygamer” profile on – then every time we buy something we refer lazygamer. Then lazygamer uses that reward money for prizes for comps. Just a thought…

  • MagicDude4Eva

    Still very fishy to me. SK is a member of SAFACT. It is obvious that you will want to make imports as difficult as possible to keep revenue local. Tough – I will never buy a game locally again – even with duties, games are 20-40% cheaper – bye bye SK.

  • janrik

    With you all the way mate. Been importing for the last few years.

    Now and again I buy locally, if at really really good price. Else it is import all the way.

  • Daniel

    there is absolutely no reason why they would do that seeing that they didn’t know if they were entirely legal at that time – Really??? No seriously Really? So you can pirate Blu Ray now – wow that is amazing.

  • They could however be stolen and being sold on the black market…

    I also don’t think it’s fair to expect the guys in customs to be on top of all the latest technology

  • WitWolfyZA

    i checked at BT games Saturday the price of RE5 R800 . I told them they can tell MI D to suck my ….. true story

  • RE5, a Capcom title, is distributed by Nu Metro Interactive. ;P

  • Ron

    True – but SK (cough) I mean SAFACT should surely have known better. Steelbox editions – at a time when the game has just been released?

    Unless of course they have reports of stolen goods?

    Anyway SK still stinks…guilty or not.

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