The Fuhrer Not Happy About Killzone 2 Reviews

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[ There is bad language, but only in the subtitles and possibly even in German. So err, proceed with caution, I guess ]

I can’t say that I am entirely sure of where this whole subtitled video of Hitler thing started, but what I can say is that two more have now been released showing off The Fuhrer’s anger when he finds out how good Killzone 2 is, but can’t afford a PS3 because he has already spent all of his money on the Xbox 360.

This video is hilarious and really shows off what the minds of many Xbox Fanboys must be thinking. There is more than one video, the second one is up after the jump.

Source: SonyLiving

Last Updated: January 30, 2009

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  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    Dennis Dyack – god calm his tempered soul – had a point when he said that the one-console future would be attractive. I agree with that. I doubt it will happen, but I do agree. I’m in the fortunate position of owning all three of the current gen home consoles, so I’ll get to play Killzone 2, but I maintain that nothing is worse than missing out on any game simply because it isn’t made for the console of your purchasing. Even so for the Fuhrer.

    I’m a capitalist idealist – shoot me 🙂 .

  • kab123

    Wahaha that click is used everywhere it seems. That’s actually a pretty hard scene

  • Are these scenes from Der Untergang?

  • kab123

    haha, it was used in the format war thing as well. Can’t seem to post the youtube link but it was better than this one. hehe

  • easy


    there’s been loads of parodies with this particular clip. they’re all very funny!

  • Linoge

    Every body goes on about how one game can justify it for you to pay R5000 and R850 for a game, sorry guys just not worth it. Don’t get me wrong i think the game is very cool and would love to play it, but not at that price. Also now metacritic has it scoring at 95 never know where it’s going to end in time. :blink:

  • kab123

    Chill’acks dude… why so serious? (see what I did there)

    The PS has other games as well you know. On top of the games already out there we have KZ2, White knight chronicles, GT5, GoW3, Uncharted 2, Heavey Rain, That mag game, infamous plus all the multi platforms. Plus the dark knight on blu ray and no rrod. You wouldn’t say? I’d say it’s R5k well spend tbh.

  • Fudzy

    Is there a website where these Hitler subtitled movies are being generated? I would like to know. I’ve seen one where the subject were bikes.

  • darthdad

    LoL, that is very good!

  • Roland Browning

    Let’s all play the brand new Lazygamer drinking game. Here’s how it works. Have a look through the site and everytime you find a post that has Pillsbury mouthing off he has all 3 consoles….you get to have a shot of tequila!! Good Luck!!

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