The history of Resident Evil – Part 2

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Today a new website has shot to N4G fame by admitting that the upcoming Resident Evil 5 is racist and is going to seriously create major issues one it’s release.

I have to agree with them, from what I have been able to see so far this game is going to get human rights and black empowerment groups across the planet foaming at the mouth on it’s release.

To prepare for this and to judge the game fairly against all the mainstream criticism coming it’s way I feel we need some history lessons.

This is the second part of a Resident Evil retrospective, if you missed the first part you should be able to follow the video links to it once it has completed.

Also lets try remember that it is possible that the game will be racist, racism does exist and cannot always be palmed off as a certain group being over sensitive or liberalism winning the political battle.

And on the other side it may simply be that either nothing is wrong with the game or that Capcom hold a naive view of Africa. But lets try and be honest with ourselves when we see what the hype is about.

Last Updated: February 12, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

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  • someone

    This idea of people getting upset that you shooting up black zombies should really come to an end.

    I mean how many games out there where you kill Germans?

  • How many German killing games do you know of made it through German borders?

  • Shodan

    K wait so , in the opening a huge black dude with a big a$$ axe decapites a white dude but that’s ok?

    If im not mistaken not all the “zombies” are black either???

  • anxello

    that’s so stupid…like…carlos (latino) killed a lot of white guys…and in all the resident evil u kill a lot of black guys!…it is just ridiculous…recism is something old…shouldnt be a a problem now

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