The latest AGASA leagues kick off – good luck miNt Gaming

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miNt Gaming

As you may or may now know we here in the Lazygamer basement are currently sponsoring a local PC gaming team, miNt Gaming.

Over the coming months I will be trying to keep you more up to date as to what is going on in the professional PC gaming leagues locally and to see how miNt get on.

To start this off we have a posting from their website about the Counterstrike Do Gaming leagues that is being run by AGASA that they have entered.

Yesterday saw the announcement of the Do Gaming Online 2009 League Groups (Hosted by AGASA). Due to the awesome support received from the Counter-Strike Community the league has had to be split into two groups of 13 teams each.

Our very own miNt.CSS team has been placed in the tougher group B, with top teams such as last years Rage winners Bravado, Battle Lan champions Eternal Conflict and Pantheon Gaming (formerly Plasma), Last years AGASA league winners, however miNt welcomes the challenge. Group A sees the inclusion of a new look Ascent made up of two old Ascent players and some of the crew from the recently broken up Koncept. Group B is where your eyes should be kept as it is going to be a tough affair for the fight for first place while Group A looks likely to be dominated by Ascent.

Barely a day into the league and we have had the first casualty without any war. Darkness from Group A has retired from the tournament, however a replacement has been found in the form of HoA. We implore all teams who are participating to stay together for the length of the league as leg 2 will see teams seeded according to skill level. If a team does not stick together long enough they will never get good enough to compete and the players will be suspended from taking part in the AGASA leagues via transfer windows or the following legs for 3 months.

As they say nothing comes from nothing.

Group A
Critical Control
Killer Instinct
heAd heAd
Electronic Special Weapons And Tactics
team asceNt

Group B
Pantheon Gaming
Left Click
miNt Gaming
eternal Conflict
The Black Hearted
Team iNfiNity
Ant! Social
Zero Limit

As I posted before, there is still some confusion in the local industry as to which organisation should be followed at the moment between AGASA and MSSA.

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This is the first competitive league I have heard about this year so I guess the first blow goes to AGASA, if anyone from MSSA is listening I would love to hear about what plans you have for the year?

Last Updated: January 29, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I don’t think you can compare MSSA with AGASA – Club vs. Governing Body of South Africa? that’s like comparing Body corporate of a complex to Municipality ?

  • Dark

    MSSA and AGASA are totally different and would suggest someone get an official styatement from Colin Webster who runs MSSA. If you think of other sports eg. Cricket Rugby and the accreditation of provincial and national colours that who the MSSA are.

  • Registration is open for the Mind Sports South Africa’s 2009 Online League at which shall be hosted on the iGame servers.

    Please remember that the MSSA Online League is the only officially recognised league.

    The League consists of two legs.

    Leg 1 is deemed to have the status of a Provincial Championship. Leg 1 shall run over 5 weeks from 16 February 2009 to 22 March 2009.

    Leg 2 is deemed to have the status of a National Championship. Leg 2 may only be entered by teams that have played in Leg 1 and shall run over a 5 week period from 6 April 2009 to 19 May 2009.

    Players can register for Leg 1 of the League up until 8 February 2009.

    Actual gaming of Leg 1 starts on 16 February 2009.

    The games that shall be played in the Online League are as follows:

    Counter Strike 1.6â„¢ (PC)
    DotA- Allstarsâ„¢ (PC)
    Team Fortress 2â„¢ (PC)
    Quake 3â„¢ (PC)
    Call of Duty 4â„¢ (PC)
    Call of Duty: World at Warâ„¢ (PC)
    Starcraftâ„¢ (PC)
    TrackMania Nations Foreverâ„¢ (PC)
    Red Alert 3â„¢ (PC)
    Gears of War 2 (XBOX360)
    Guitar Hero (XBOX 360)

    Medals shall be awarded to the following:

    Premier (overall): 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
    University teams: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
    High School: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

    Added to the above, players are able to earn provincial colours if they end in the top 50% of both Leg 1 and Leg 2, and/or win all their games in leg 1.

    Should players win all their games in Leg 2, players automatically earn National Federation Colours.

    Not only that, but all players that finish in the top 20% automatically qualify for National Team trials.

    Of course the Team Trials for any game shall only be held if all the criteria in terms of participation are met.

    It is only through participating in the National Team Trials that players can qualify for official team selection and Protea Colours.

    To participate in the MSSA Online Computer Games League you need to have completed the following items:

    1. Download and print off the MSSA Registration form from the MSSA site
    2. Complete the MSSA registration form. Please note that if you are already a registered player of a club affiliated to the MSSA, then all you need to do is complete the entry form.
    3. Pay your Registration and Entry fees into the Mind Sports South Africa’s bank account being; ABSA, account number: 9047667676
    4. Fax your registration form (or Entry Form) together with your proof of payment to 086 672 1911.
    5. Check you have been successfully added to the register of players at least three days after submission of your faxes to ensure that there are no misstatements or omissions


    Colin Webster
    Mind Sports South Africa
    P O Box 19275
    Tel: 011 828 4994
    Fax: 086 672 1911
    Cell: 073 593 9451
    e-mail: [email protected]
    URL: (eSports Gaming site)
    URL: (Facebook)

    Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is an affiliate of the South African Confederation of Sport and Olympic Committee.

    The MSSA is responsible for the good governance and promotion of Historical figure games (also known as wargames), Board games (such as Backgammon, Diplomacy, Checkers, Draughts, Morabaraba, etc), and eSports (whether they are played on ‘cell phones, Sony® PSP’s, personal computers or similar).

  • Bboy

    I mean seriously, who plays Counterstrike still. *Snore

  • I am busy discussing it with Colin… kind off… but from what I have read there is still some confusion.

    AGASA are running a league and so are MSSA, if MSSA are meant to be the governing body then why are they running a league?

  • Please note that the MSSA is running an Online League.

    Such League is the only official league in the country.

    For more information on the MSSA leagues, please go to:

  • Hmmmmmmm Gavin i will help clear up the confusion between the AGASA and MSSA thing. I will give u the news this weekend.

  • meZo

    Neva heard of MSSA : maybe bcuz they not hosting css comps..

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