The PS3 is getting exclusive Mirror’s Edge DLC

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There were rumours a short while back that Mirror’s Edge was going to be a PS3 exclusive.

As insane as this idea was it had to be officially denied by EA Games and Sony, however it seems that the source of this rumour was something a little more plausible.

Sony has announced that it has an exclusive marketing deal with EA Games and that its platform, the PS3,  will be getting some exclusive DLC for the game.

However it hasn’t been mentioned what this DLC will entail or how long it will take to be released. At the moment we don’t have a release date for Mirror’s Edge and Microsoft hasn’t commented on the claims from Sony.

For all we know Microsoft may come out and confirm they have some exclusive DLC as well…

These are the days of our lives in the gaming industry.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: September 3, 2008

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Banana hammock

    Exclusivity in DLC format 6 months down the line is absolutely useess. Take a look at the hype around the GTA4 DLC that the 360 hasn’t even got yet. No one cares about GTA4 anymore, we’ve all moved on.

    Same thing will happen here.

  • Jak

    Your right. If Sony has any common sense they will make this DLC available 6-10 weeks after launch at least and not stuff up like Microsoft and Rockstar have.

  • Rap7a

    Im looking forward to the GTA DLC 🙄

    Mirror’s Edge looks really good, will be interesting to see what DLC c DLC comes out

  • kabraal

    Exclusive DLC must be the worst dumbest attempt ever for these console manufacturers to gain a advantage over the other. I mean really, it’s not like these games (ME specifically) are like WoW. You play ‘em, finish ‘em and move on to the next. 99% of the time, you couldn’t give a shit whether they add exclusive brown shoes for you to go and look for. 😕

  • Bboy

    Agreed, especially since we gotta pay for the DLC… i’d rather just buy a new game with the saved cash.

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