The PS3 is not harder to develop for

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The guys over at the new official Playstation blog have been kind enough to write up an article stating that it is not harder to develop for the PS3… They also go on to say how great the PS3 really is… What a suprise.

Seriously though it is intersting to see what they had to say about the Xbox 360 in certain aspects. They are happy to admit that Xbox Live is a much more advanced online system than what they currently have. They say the Xbox 360 has good, but lower powered hardware and that developers should stop viewing them as the same platform.

One suprising thing is that they say the PS3’s SPU’s are actually easier to develop for than the PS2’s specialised chips.. Follow the link to read the whole article.  

Link to PlayStation.Blog » Is the PS3 Really Harder to Develop for?

Last Updated: June 14, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • very interesting maybe soon games like Heavenly Sword will really show the “true” power of the PS3… time will tell 😛

    Nice read

  • scotty777

    Well there’s your problem… it just shows how lazy developers are, then they attack sony by saying the ps3 is harder to develop for. well, as soon as people stop buying the wii coz they suddenly realise the games are boring and that it’s not an HD console, im sure they’ll tune to the ps3. The golden years for the ps3 will be 2009-2011.

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