The PS3 still ruling the USA?

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I have to say I am suprised by this, especially since no new SKU’s were announced at GDC.

While it is virtually impossible to tell whether or not there is a Xbox 360 shortage in the States it is easy to see that Sony are taking full advantage of it.

The latest hardware and software sales are in and in hardware sales at least Sony are smiling.

PS3 – 80,214
360 – 79,204
Wii  – 47,702

So the PS3 is keeping a very slender lead over the 360 at the moment.. However in software sales the picture is very different indeed….

360 – 1,161,963
Wii  –    692,114
PS3 –    446,805

To put it in local terms, the 360 PK’d the other two again. The royalty from those software figures must be making the Redmond giant very happy indeed.

Now if they could just sort out the hardware side and take advantage of the complete unavailability of Nintendo Wii’s and to extend it’s very limited 1.6 million total lead.

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Last Updated: February 21, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Burns ZA

    Pk’d. lol.

  • NoMaD

    The Black cloud is coming!

  • JP

    The white cloud is already here.

  • Fox1

    There was a green cloud helping MS out some time ago 😉

    With Gears 2 announced and maybe some good classics the 360 will be back on track. Yes I do think there is a shortage of both 360 and Wii.

  • doobiwan

    Uh, shortages folks. It’ll be interesting to see if the trend holds and for how long.

  • Abe

    Well atleast now if the xbox claws its way back, us psboys will also be able to claim shortage 😉
    I wonder what the global figure must be like for the year so far? I think its possible that the ps3 may even be outselling the wii!

  • LazySAGamer
  • U will join the dark side soon….

  • Messiah

    The interesting thing is there have always been shortage problems with the Wii yet it has always done very well, and now all of a sudden it is falling behind on both consoles.

  • Banana hammock

    It’s not shortages boys, the only console with stock issues is the Wii.

    I mean thnk about it; are you telling me that MS only made 1.6 million 360s more than the Wii with an extra year of manufacturing? I don’t think so. The XboX is selling well still but it’s by no means sold out.

  • Fox1

    @Banana hammock

    Take a look at our local retailers. There an no 360’s.
    There are shortages local and int the US.

  • Fox1

    @Evilredzombie- I’m on the Elite dark side 😉

  • Banana hammock

    @Fox1, you’re kidding right?

    I was in Look and Listen on Monday (Fourways) they had plenty of stock.

    Unless there was a mad rush that i missed in the last 3 days.

  • Fox1

    @Banana Hammock- Those 360’s are old stock. They don’t have HDMI.Retailers in Durban are out. I was out helping my friend to buy one. If we found one then it didn’t have HDMI. No HDMI means old hardware and a RROD a definite RROD contender.

  • Burns ZA

    Cape Town is also having a drought of 360 premiums.

  • Abe

    But Fox your average consumer doesnt know about stuff like that!

  • Darthdad

    @ Abe, I disagree, I find most gamers are pretty clued up when it comes to the technology of consoles. I don’t know anyone that is interested in buying a Xbox that is not aware of the
    hardware to look out for.

  • doobiwan

    I guess the numbers are just too early. If the PS3 can maintain that for a few months, good for them, but as MS said, the figures just don’t follow trend.

    Maybe it’s a “reverse shortage”. They did oversell in December but need to start stockpiling for GTA4 and Too Human in a few months time . . .

  • Banana hammock

    @Fox1, just cause it’s old stock doesn’t change anything. Then Sony can say they have stock shortages because all the 60Gbs are gone and only millions of 40gbs are left.

    Stock is stock, if people are not buying a product it’s because the model is inferior and they are waiting for something better, not because they are sold out.

    As for HDMI, i thought MS said you don’t need it 🙂 Oh wait, they said the same thing about the built in HDD. Also, were MS using the new RROD proof models at GDC when one of their show 360s died?

    Nope, sorry, only the Wii is sold out. 360 and PS3 selling very well indeed but only Nintendo are selling out.

    BTW, this is a good thing and also a very bad thing IMO.

  • Personally I think this is the most important bit of info…

    If you compare the consoles from their launch date, PS3 has sold 1 million more consoles worldwide.

    Thats a lot of consoles.

    (I blatantly ignore the Wii’s 10 million more consoles than either of them 😛 )

  • doobiwan

    Hammock, you smoking those bananas? 😉

    Sometimes stock runs out, fact, deal with it.

  • Abe

    And sometimes fanboys make up sulky stories to cover fact 😉

  • doobiwan

    From you Abe, I take that as fact 😉

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