The R1000 PS3 Game: Gran Turismo 5

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Gran Turismo 5 Paul Ellis over at Tech Consumer has raised a very valid point about the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 game.

Seeing that the Prologue, which is just a glorified demo, is retailing for +- R350 and the actual real game is going to retail for an expected R699 we are actually seeing the first PS3 game ever to break the R1000 mark.

What is even more disturbing is that this game was meant to be a virtual launch title and the ‘real’ GT5 is now only expected in the early stages of 2009… That’s a 30 month delay from a first party developer… That is a worrying sign.

So should we as consumers allow developers who can’t get their titles out to rather just sell us gimped versions early to help with their budget or should we just refuse. From what I have heard so far Gran Turismo 5 isn’t much better than any other racing game out at the moment so what’s the point?

The $100 PS3 Game: Gran Turismo 5 | TechConsumer

Last Updated: March 28, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • darthdad

    LOL, love the spite and jealousy. Welcome to FB Friday!

  • Prologue is a game in itself ,with the amount of tracks and vehicles, admittedly, I would never purchase it, I would rather wait for the final product.

    But, the millions and millllllions of fans out there can’t WAIT for the prologue to come out so they can get a taste of the next GT.

    Plus, it provides them with some more funding to not only model all 400+ cars to perfection, but also the handling of each vehicle, the noise engine from outside the car, from inside the car, from 20m away from the car.

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  • I disagree its not a game… its a advanced demo… only 6 tracks ! c’mon ! And to make things even worse I have seen it on sale for almost 450! if they sold it for 250… then yes maybe.. I was looking forward to this game until I was told there are only 6 tracks..oh and the same tracks in reverse so its 12 WHOOP DIE DO !
    Shame on you Sony !

  • JimBob

    GT5 Prologue has about has nearly much content as PGR3 and more than Motorstorm, which both retailed at full price.

    I’m probably not getting it because I’ve had enough racing games for a while, though.

    I’m not sure I ever heard of GT5 being expected before 2008, either.

    “So should we as consumers allow developers who can’t get their titles out to rather just sell us gimped versions early to help with their budget or should we just refuse.”

    It’s not like Sony is forcing anyone to buy this game, which has already shipped one million copies to PAL territories.

    In an ideal world they would offer people who buy Prologue a discount on the full version, but all the die-hard GT fans are loving the game, and PS3-only owners don’t have access to Forza, so why shouldn’t they enjoy early access to the title if they want it?

  • LazySAGamer

    @DarthDad, well spotted on the second point…

    However I couldn’t be less jealous if I tried, I don’t like racing Sims and I am more concerned about the idea of selling a demo than what the game is like

  • PS3Fanboy

    The actual demo actually costs more. R350 for the disc + the 400mb update (Bandwidth).

    The game is a glorified demo, but as many reviewers have stated and Jimbob, its one of the most in depth “demos” out there, boasting more features than some full version games.

    Normally Prologue gets released a year before the full game. So 2009 is more realistic for the full version.

    There are also talks that if you own Prologue you will just need to buy an update. I think the idea is that it works similar to WoW. The full version will be similar to buying Burning Crusade, and before the Full version comes out there are major updates to gameplay and content.

    Lets hope 😀

  • ” GT5 Prologue has about has nearly much content as PGR3 and more than Motorstorm, which both retailed at full price ” how can u say this ? only 6 tracks ?

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  • I suspect it’s more likely if you have prologue you may get some early unlocks as a bonus, but I don’t know.

    I was pretty critical of Prologue initially, but in fairness it doesn’t seem that bad a deal. The online alone may be worth the novelty.

    From the PS3’s perspective, lets be honest, it’s a bit short of exclusive racing games, GT is a fantastic brand (I believe the most successful title on the platform) and it makes sense to try and leverage it.

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  • Fred

    If it was a normal demo , like others out there it would maybe have 2 cars and 1 track , but it has plenty more than that , so nothing to complain about .

  • SgtFiddler

    I’m one of those sods that just cant wait for the full game, so i had to go out and buy it. And yes, it’s a glorified demo, but it looks and plays amazingly! Just wish they’d release those Dualshock3’s already – miss the rumble on my pad. I agree that they should rather just release the full game, or significantly drop the price, but if youre insatiable and a GT fan (as i am), they’ll keep on making bundles out of guys like me. GOt mine for R400.00, but as was mentioned above, has more content than games like Motorstorm, so i feel kind of cheated, but also not, if that makes sense. Just tested one online match so far and it was lagless, so at least the online portion works from the word go.

  • Fox1

    Why are they charging so much for a demo? Prologue or not, it’s still a demo. Add no customisation and damage to that then that does not justify the price.

  • SgtFiddler

    @Fox: because they can 😉
    It’s way too expensive IMO, but with the legions of fans the GT series has, it was always going to be a big seller, glorified demo or not. They will def try to make as much as they can off this game. And chances are that most who buy Prologue will get the full game as well, plus the dudes who were sitting on the fence waiting for the full game, so expect craxy sales when the full game drops. GT carries a lot of weight, and it’s prevalent if you look at it’s pre-order sales.

  • JimBob

    Those are the facts, Zombie. PGR3 has six tracks, with a couple of variations on each, and 80 cars; GT5:P has 71 cars and six tracks with two variations on each.

    Motorstorm has handful of basic vehicle classes and I think, perhaps six tracks, too, IRC. Remember, Motorstorm didn’t even ship with a time trial mode or split screen play.

  • Milesh Bhana

    With game prices going up, we’ll expect the full game to hit us for R700. So you’re paying half the price to play some of the game now.

    “The actual demo actually costs more. R350 for the disc + the 400mb update (Bandwidth).”
    PS3Fanboy, you got a source for this ?
    If it’s true, then that’s a little unneccessary. A demo where you still have to download 400MB! WTF?

    @doobiwan, that’s correct. If you play prologue and finish all the licences, then you don’t have to redo it in GT5.

  • boredhousewife

    I’m with SgtF on the DS3 with rumble – played a lot of Motorstorm on a mates PS3 with the sixaxis – and for me it was a bit like having sex while wearing 2 condoms – the mechanics might be the same but it just does’nt feel right

  • Burns ZA

    I just can’t understand why they charge for a demo? Hell, that has got sucker consumer written all over it. Demo’s should be free imo.

  • Fox1

    @JimBob- Couple of variatians? Racing through Nurburgring F1 Circuit and Nurburgring Nordschleife is not the same. They should be counted independantly. You not racing the F1 circuit backwards to get the Nordschleife circuit. Neither is Broadway the same as Brooklyn Bridge.

    There are 5 locations and 11-12 tracks per location. Thats without counting the tracks in reverse.

  • PS3Fanboy

    @Milesh, There is an update, you don’t have to download it. But it adds a lot more online content, and like the PS3, if you want to access online features, you need the update.

  • It is not a demo…
    Please refer to what Milesh Bhana said…

    Ye, the 400mb update is required if you buy the disc, if you buy it from PSN store, it comes with the game obviously.

    The update adds additional content & fixes some physics bugs.

    Personally I think its great, they will be releasing more free DLC for Prologue intermittently as well.

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  • JimBob

    When has anyone ever released a demo with more than 70 cars, six tracks and online play? Seriously, it’s far from a full length game, and maybe $20 would have been a fairer price, but every racing game demo I’ve ever played (Colin McRae, Forza, PGR) has only had a couple of cars and a single track.

    If you can show me where I can find more demos with as much meat as GT5: Prologue, I’ll never need to actually buy another retail game in my life.

  • Fox1

    R450 plus say R700 for the full game? Thats alot of money to spend on one game. Add and additional R500(estimate) for a DS3 controller.

    By the way, is there a Racing wheel available for the PS3?

  • SgtFiddler

    @Fox, yes, there is, i think it’s a Logitech, selling for +-R1200.00

  • Fred

    I suggest play it , and then give a verdict if it is worth the money.

  • Ruslan

    GT Prologue became a demo when Sony didnt deliver GT5 in the promised time slot. Like LG said, a 30 month delay is seriously bad.

    Besides, when the new Codemasters game ( GRiD ) is out it will make GT5 look like another demo.

  • SgtFiddler

    Such is the cycle of evolution. And after GRiD, GT6 will look better, rinse and repeat cycle.

  • It was never the promised time slot…
    Gran Turismo has ALWAYS had a Prologue version… from GT2 onwards.

    Jinja’s last blog post..Sick, Twisted…Awesome – Blind Girl

  • Ruslan

    Excuse me but for how long were GT5, MGS4 and FFXIII delayed now? Sony promised and didnt deliver. Just believe the facts and not your fanatism. 😉

  • Fox1

    Add Killzone 2 to the list of delayed titles.

    PGR 5 might even be out by the time GT5 will be out.

  • CHase

    i have read all the comments here and it sounds like the guys who do not own the game are bitching and the guys who do own the game are not…..

    I bought the game and for R400 i dont think its to bad a deal, yes it would have been great if it was cheaper but thats life.
    Get over it or earn more money and buy it.

    Just try 16 player online around daytona track and tell me its not worth the 400 bucks 🙂

  • Chase, you’re probably right. I don’t think the question is whether Prologue is worth R400. I think it probably is. I think the question, or the challenge at least is that the developers are double charging.

    If you’re a fan you’ll by Prologue now and GT5 next year, and will basically be double billed for the same content.

    I make no value judgement, it’s up to the buyer to decide if that’s worth it.

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  • ewie

    The reason sony will make money on this is because ps3 fans are
    craving for a good racer, and even a version with only a fraction of the cars will fill the gap for them, most of the people buying will not even now it is just a “glorified demo”
    for them it will be a racer to enjoy, now they can tell their friends with forsa that they have a racer as well.

  • ManesanZA

    So there are quite a few reviews in for this game and its only averaging 82 on metacritic. Thats quite average and even though its only a demo it does cost R400, which seems a bit dissapponting.

  • Tubbynickel ZA

    I dont think the final GT5 will be the “same content” , I think the online component of GT5 (in terms of reporting and information gathering) will allow the developers to fine tune the final product alot more than would have been possible before. So although people are paying for a GT experience now, the full GT5 will be more akin to a whole new game rather than just the same stuff plus more content.
    I fully suspect that many of the dynamics of GT5 prologue wont even make it into the final version.

    Sure we’re paying to beta test it,
    but then didnt people buy crackdown to beta test halo 3?

    On a separate note,
    I’ve been tinkering with Forza 2 lately to try and compare the two experiences:
    in a nutshell, in forza your always thinking.. tires, brakes, oversteer understeer, grip etc.
    its deep, rich and rewarding if you can mix all these ingredients well..

    in GT5, it moves looks and feels real. no thinking, your real world acuities kick in and you just drive..
    and yes, you definately get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you come into a corner too fast and lock up all the wheels 🙂

  • ewie

    Yes most people most likely bought crackdown because
    it contained the halo3 beta, but hell cracdown was one of the sleeper hits of last year.
    very good marketing on microsoft’s part to get a new franchise and game developer on the map. and now everyone is looking
    forward to the next game by the developers, a type of cops and robbers mmo which I am getting.
    Most game sites have it as one of the better games last year.

  • The Halo 3 beta was a complete disservice to Crackdown. Funnily enough, of all the games I played last year, it’s the one I’d like to play again the most.

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