The Verge Update: Cancelled Due To ADSL Issues

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Update: I just got a call from the production company to apologise to us. They managed to get the ADSL back up a few minutes before the show, but had already officially cancelled with us so they used the first other person they could find to get on the show as a back-up.

As most of you know, I was supposed to be interviewed via a Skype video call tonight on the Channel GO gaming show called The Verge to discuss the thing that we all love, video games.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues with the ADSL on their side, the interview has to be rescheduled for what looks to be two weeks from now. It just goes to show that even large TV companies go through silly little problems like this.

We will repost the time for the new interview, when it is set in stone and hopefully we won’t have any issues next time around.

Last Updated: March 11, 2009

Nick De Bruyne

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  • Reaver

    So then how did they do the interview with Dietmar?

  • Who’s Dietmar?

  • Reaver

    Dietmar is the guy who runs Organized Chaos – the biggest LAN here in Cape Town. I know him personally, and he came across just tosser-ish in the interview as he is in real life.

  • Telkom strikes again

  • Domino ZA

    this is not the first time this has happened I remember the first show I watched the same thing happened the interview was only at the end of the show. And it was the crappiest show I have ever seen, the next night it was much better. But keep us posted looking fwd to see someone on the show that I actually know

  • baba

    Good thing, because I complety forgot to watch it! 😉

  • WitWolfyZA

    Next time ne… Thats why i have Iburst

  • TT25

    OMG… does any one agree with how LAME that GEARS 2 rap thing was… I was like WFT is wrong with this show! it actually really put me off.

  • man now I really want to see that

  • Reaver

    Ja that Gears rap was retarded.

  • yeah the Gears rap was silly.

    Bad Pippa, no biscuit!

    They really need to figure out what’s up with those trailers too, the quality of those vids look crap (I’m sure those are high quality trailers, but something about the way it’s transmitted is not so lekker) It’s really apparent when the ad break cuts in with a Megarom ad and you see how the trailer is meant to look.

  • Lupus

    Yeah the whole Verge thing is a bit bleh, even when you watch Playr which is also done by Pippa the trailers look strange. Also I don’t really find Pippa that attractive not sure why? I don’t think she is a real gamer 😀

  • Domino ZA

    yeah that gears thing was pathetic its a good thing you missed the first one a week or so ago. I mean what If someone never played the game before you giving the whole game away. I mean that last part (don’t wanna say it just for incase someone haven’t finished the game yet)

    But that last part was the biggest surprise in the whole game, no need to play the game if they just gonna show you the whole game with all its surprises

  • Reaver

    You obviously haven’t checked out the thread on the xbox-360 forums, where her gaming credentials were firmly established.

  • got a link?

  • Pippa’s a gamer through and through 🙂

  • Reaver

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