The Wii Lawn Mower

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Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and it’s probably jealousy. Kjeld Jensen of the University of South Denmark has done three awesome things : He’s built what is possibly the coolest non-driveable lawnmower, and found a decent use for the Wiimote by using it to control the aforementioned destroyer of grass. Lastly, he’s proved to the world that the Danish are good for more than custard-filled pastries.

Utilising Bluetooth, the enterprising gardener built a receiver in to the lawnmower,  named the Casmobot (Dun dun..duuuuunnnnnnn) allowing you to waggle your way to a perfectly kept garden

Says its creator :

“We have been introducing [Casmobot] to the professional workers at the municipalities and the minute they got this Wiimote in their hands and started cutting grass, they were smiling and laughing all the time so I guess I’m not the only one that thinks this is a very good idea.”

“This robotics module could, in theory, be put in to any kind of vehicle. In theory, you could actually take this module and put it in to a wheelchair, and walk your grandma just by sitting inside at the window and using your Wiimote.”

Cool lawnmower, but if he says anything more about my grandmother, I may just have to punch him in the face.

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Source : The Telegraph.

Last Updated: April 8, 2009

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  • So finally there’s actually a use for the Wii?

  • Believe it or not selecting the correct lawn mower can make your life a whole lot easier and cut your lawn chores at least in half, pardon the pun. Really the type of lawn mower you select will all depend on your lawn and also the quantity of work which you want to do to that lawn.

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