Tomb Raider Films Already Getting a Reboot – Jolie nowhere to be seen.

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Warner Bros. Pictures recently acquired the rights to the Tomb Raider films because of Time Warners’ upped stake in Eidos and are now in the early phases of development for a new Tomb Raider movie.

The scary thing is that while the last Tomb Raider movie, starring Angelina Jolie only came out a couple of years ago, producer Dan Lin, who is responsible for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes film as well as Warner Bros. want to refresh the entire franchise and start over, meaning no more Jolie as well.

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This means that the new movies will have new actors, new writers and new directors and while a lot of people thought that the Tomb Raider movies were above average as far as game-to-movie adaptations go, I really think that there is a lot more potential to do something really interesting with the franchise and the Lara Croft character.

This move comes as one of desperation for the Tomb Raider franchise as sales of the latest game were far from spectacular and it has become clear that something new is needed to bring Lara back to the status that she had back in her glory days of Tomb Raider 2.

Since the project is in such an early phase, there is no news on who may take the helm as director and who will done the tight clothing of Lara Croft this time around.

Source: ComingSoon.Net [ via Kotaku ]

Last Updated: January 28, 2009

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  • Flameboy

    Yay! No more Jolie. Hellooo Megan Fox!

  • dewej

    most rediculas movie ever, all it is is angelena prancing around in skimpy clothes shooting guns. then again…

  • I have no appreciation for Ms Jolie…whatsoever.

    I would however like to see Ms Fox in…well anything. Or nothing. :wub:

    She has said that the rumours about her filling Lara’s shoes are just that though – rumours. She’s denied any involvement with the franchise’s reboot project. Plausible indeed, as it’s still in infancy.

  • Erin

    I am glad that Jolie won’t be coming back (most likely). I think she takes too much attention away from the story of Lara Croft. And since the video game itself is doing a “revamping” so should the movie. Any change in roles will help the movie reviews nonetheless.

  • You are kidding right? Every red blooded male appreciates Angelina…. yum :silly:

  • Flameboy

    More red blooded males appreciate Ms Fox I think…. :devil:

  • Messiah

    Maybe back in the day before she had so many kids 😛

  • Wolfy

    i did… when i was younger… she’s over hill and has a addiction to adopt random children. thats too much baggage

  • Wolfy

    In my eyes Tomb raider underworld rocked my world it was awesome despite that hidious southern mexico glitch… had to do the whole stage over again…

    Hope this is someone who fits the part perfectly like. that chick who played jill in resident evil 2 mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • You are all making me feel old…

    But I can’t move past those lips…

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