Unreal Tournament III and SBK ’08 Competition

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[Ed] Let me just doubly thank SK for the prizes, these are awesome

By Philip Dunkley

Unreal competition

Firstly, I need to get everyone on this website excited, so here is the statement that should do that.

I, as the chief reviewer for LazyGamer, am making my first executive decision, and deciding to run 3 different competitions in one week. Here is the first. 

Right, so the time has come for Unreal Tournament III to be released on XBOX360, and even though this has been out on the PS3 for quite some time, please don’t let that deter you from missing this awesome game on the 360.

I did the review for the PS3 version of the game quite a while ago, and I had the opportunity to play the 360 version of the game over the weekend.  A few things have changed, but it still comes across perfectly on the 360. The first thing is the lack of keyboard and mouse support, something the PC and PS3 both supports. This actually sucks a bit, but the controller handles the task perfectly well, better than the PS3 version in my opinion. Another extra in this version, is the extra maps that were DLC items on the other consoles, as well as 5 new exclusive maps for the 360 version. Then comes the bad news. There is no map creating software, so the splendour of map creation and customisation, all but disappears in this version, due to Microsoft’s regulations around user created content. This sucks a lot, but it still does not detract from the awe of the game itself.  It’s still worth every cent though, and if you like the multiplayer of these titles, you are going to love it on Live.

Super Bike Xbox 360 game

So what are we doing to get you all excited about this?? Here goes. I have 4 Copies of this game to give away, one each day for the rest of the week, for one small favour. Send me a mail with the reason why Unreal Tournament changed your life, and how!! Each person has to enter every day, with a different reason, and the best submission each day will win a copy of Unreal.

Now for the money shot!! The 2 best overall submissions will each win a copy of SBK ’08, a T-Shirt and a Lanyard AND the Unreal Game. How’s that for a nice one. Please note that these games are for XBOX360 only, but PS3 owners, don’t despair, we are in talks with the suppliers to organise a decent PS3 comp coming up!!!

Ster Kinekor My review went up a while ago on SBK ’08, so take a look at that to get your appetite going.

These prizes have been sponsored by Ster Kinekor South Africa, and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ster Kinekor for the huge turnaround in recent months, the professionalism is really appreciated.

My mail address as always is: [email protected]

[Competition open to residents of the SADC region only]

Last Updated: July 8, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Bboy

    Did he just say “the money shot” hehehe. Pitty Unreal hasn’t changed my life as yet, although I’m keen to see if it will… Gears of War has, does that count for a runner up prize? πŸ™

  • I had this game in my sights since it’s launch I even contemplated getting a PS3, but alas as life would have it I got a burst tire on Friday, and I’ve had to fork out R2k for new Tires (2x front tires) and now… now I can’t even go out for a beer!! WHY WHY !!! THE HUMANITY!!

  • thed33p

    err I don’t get it – If it changed my life, it means I own it. If I own it, I don’t need to win it…

  • Goose ZA

    Maybe he is referring to the rest of the UT series?

  • Flameboy

    There have been other Unreal Tournament games πŸ˜‰

  • abe

    Im glad you mentioned PS3 owners in there, I was about to bitch that we never get comps 😳

  • janrik

    Nice one. entering now!

  • Fox1

    Awesome competition 😯 πŸ˜›

  • Paradox

    really cool comp
    but it is tuesday today
    so does that me i cant enter
    if so …

  • Nah, Go on you can enter, just send me two submissions for today, and this goes for everyone!!

    Philip Dunkley’s last blog post..Gears of War 2 Finishing moves

  • Scratchy

    Philip, I sent you to entries. Can you please confirm if both were received and if they are within the rules.

    Also please send me your bank details so I can deposit some persuasion into your account.

  • Entries Valid: Cayman Islands account 100-808A-LGSA-2345

    Philip Dunkley’s last blog post..PlayStation Firmware 2.41 Released

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