Upload videogame footage to Youtube from your PS3

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You heard that right folks, Sony Computer Entertainment is currently developing a system that will allow gamers to upload videogame footage directly to Youtube from within the games very own interface.

I think that this is a great move from Sony, this is the type of integration that gamers should be expecting. For all those people out their that don’t have the ability to rip the video directly from the game, this brings a whole new easy way to share your experiences with your friends and indeed the world. We can also look forward to the fact that we wont have to sit through crappy videos of people filming their TV with a digital camera, hooray for that!

So far only one title, a Japanese game called “Mainichi Issho” that is sold over PSN is announced to officially have the integrated functionality although from what we hear, the tools are very easy to integrate into games even to the point that it will be simple for developers to patch the functionality into games that have already been released. I hope that developers jump on this bandwagon and it becomes somewhat of a standard in any PS3 game.

source: Joystiq via 1up

Last Updated: May 19, 2008

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  • Abe

    How about xmb first!

  • I have to say that’s really cool.

  • RivaZA

    Honestly I think this is really lame. There seems to be this mass delusion that people actually care about what you do or think.

    It’s like the facebook users that think that other people care if they are “exited about the weakend” or “stressed about the exam” or “lamefacebookuser is having a bad day”.

    But please don’t care about what I wrote because I don’t.

  • RivaZA

    I second that.
    This will be another Sony half measure, just like PSN and just like the PS3’s DivX playback.

  • I see where you are coming from, but if you think of all the awesome halo 3 footage that has made its way to the web, this could be really cool if ppl can upload something ridiculous or funny. It will also be helpful for ppl who make game guides.

  • RivaZA

    I don’t mind the funny stuff, but imagine the drivel that is going to land up on Youtube now. Oh wait…

  • LOL is it me or is the PS3 trying to out gimmick the Wii ? 😐

    What is next toaster function ? LOL! :mrgreen:

    larch’s last blog post..Vexille (Review)

  • roxas

    actully ps3 has already made this file but in japan first
    ofcourse so now there curtly udateing it to the american
    software 😕

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