Valve sues Activision – It’s all Sierra’s fault

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It has been revealed this morning that Valve is dragging Activision into court over an unpaid amount of $424 136. Apparently Activision has short paid them this amount from a previous lawsuit that Valve won against Sierra.

This is back when Sierra was under the Vivendi group and before Activision merged with Vivendi (Blizzard). According to Activision they had already overpaid Valve $424 136 from years past and therefore have just deducted this from the $2.4 million that they were awarded by an arbitrator.

They then threatened that if Valve sued for it they would countersue for something but Valve is not one to be intimidated and headed to court anyway.

… honestly it all just seems a little childish to be honest, now instead of telling my mommy on you I tell the courts and let them handle all the tough decisions. You’re both big companies why can’t you work it out by yourself?

Source: Gamepolitics

Last Updated: May 1, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

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  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    Have you ever read a Bobby Kotick interview? I doubt he has the ability – nor his company, by extension – to handle anything from their alter. Gabe Newell is far more likeable and, historically, Valve hasn’t been a company to stir up a fuss unnecessarily. We’ll see how this goes…

  • SpellGuru

    “Your both big companies why can’t you work it out by yourself?”

    Please spell “You’re” correctly, that spelling error on the net is really starting to get annoying.

    • Done 😉 thanks for bringing it to my attention

  • dewej

    valve had better win, these tf2 updates are taking long enough with valves current workforce :blink:

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