Want to take on South Africa's top gamer?

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We have mentioned previously about the Street Fighter IV tournament that Gamerlobby is hosting but I just received an email in my inbox that has changed the landscape drastically.

RA1NKING, who is South Africa’s number one gamer (according to Xbox 360 achievment points), has just entered the tournament and is waiting on all comers.

Well that isn’t entirely true as he doesn’t know that Gamerlobby just told the world or that we are posting about it, but it does add a little bit of excitement to the tournament.

Not to mention the fact that our national Dead or Alive champion (Draeka) is also participating which makes this tournament virtually impossible to win… or do you think you can take him?

Hey, you gotta be in it to win it.

So if you think you can do it, or you just want to at least have a crack at our top gamer and top online fighter then head on over to www.gamerlobby.net and sign up now.

Last Updated: May 13, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • WitWolfyZA

    Ironicly i always use to think mi was a gaming God… Till I started playing Xbox Live… How wrong i was…..

  • Nazcanlines

    how do you figure out that he has the top points in s.a.?

  • dewej

    SA’s top tf2 clan agianst a top clan from another country, I would like to see this :w00t:

  • He has over 150 000 achievement points and according to all the ladders I have ever seen, he is easily in the lead

  • ewie

    And most of the games like ninja gaiden II etc, is almost impossible to finish on the highest ranking, and he have them all.

    Just have a look at the games he finished and then head over to achievement points and have a look at what it require and how difficult it is to reach some of those achievements.

  • Ramiz ZA

    this is what i would like to see, Two on Two battle is fun

    on another note, have 150,000 GS does not mean u are good at street fighter 4, i would like to see what happens when KOF12, MvsC2 and tekken 6 comes out, will so called GS king be able to take on the talent i have seen in the fighting world, dont think so….BTW, Draeka will win

  • I think it will be between Draeka and SAPhoenix

  • Flameboy

    You are right. Having 150 000 GS does not make you good. Finishing all the Hard challenges in SFIV does make you good. BTW. My money is NOT on Draeka.

  • There are a lot of very skilled local players that haven’t been heard of. There might be some suprise upsets.

  • It’s just a pity you haven’t taken it upon yourself to show them who really is the top dog at SFIV

  • Flameboy

    Let me help you there. Nick is the bottom dog in everything. :ninja:

  • MrSpidey

    Thanks Hayate for mentioning SAPhoenix…somehow people forgot to mention him & that he is the top SF4 PSN player – who is participating in the X360 competition (that should have been the news actually)

    Rainking & Draeka have met before, many times, Draeka being clearly victorious. Even Rainking admitted he doesnt really stand a chance – check the x360coza forums.

    SAPhoenix & Draeka are friends and both part of the LAGza crew – this will be interesting indeed and most likely 1 of them will take the tourney.

  • Damn you Capcom, why can’t there be a spectate mode… Grrrr.

  • RogueOne

    LOL….ya myself, I could not beleive the hiding I got in my first Gears game.

    I would love to report that is not the case now but….. :happy:

  • ramiz ZA

    btw, SAP and Draeka are going to cap all matches..

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