Was the Milo demo faked?

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The big news of the day is that apparently that awesome Milo video was more smoke and mirrors than real technology.

According to Shane Satterfield, Editor in Chief over at gametrailers.com

“All I’m going to say about Milo is that its not legit. there were a lot of smoke and mirrors going on there, not the case with the ball demo [Ricochet] and the other stuff but with Milo there was definitely a little bit of deception going on.”

Now it’s one thing stating that there were smoke and mirrors in the demo and another thing entirely saying that it wasn’t legit.

That implies that the software doesn’t work and was simply a con… if that’s the case then Microsoft have stuck themselves in a hole that they may really struggle to get out of.

This has previously been alluded to by Nintendo when they mentioned that their product has a release date and not purely a piece of tech…

Only time will tell I guess, will we all have our own virtual buddies soon enough?

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Last Updated: June 8, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • ocelot

    Its Peter Molyneux people, obviously it was all BS.

  • easy

    this is just a proof of concept, and invariably it’s going to be contrived… it’s all scripted.
    but what i want to know is what hardware would be needed to drive this software seamlessly. i can’t see a bog standard 360 handling this otherwise we would’ve seen this sort of tech demo long time ago.

    while i’m still skeptical of this tech as viable product for the near future, i hope for their sake’s that it is as imminent as they claim. could be interesting in a surreal way.

  • WitWolfyZA

    What people dont realize is Milo is a Demo. Its like playing MGS4 3 months after being announced and stating the graphics and the sixaxis is al smoke and mirrors.

    Sure some dude was sitting there with a laptop typing in everything Milo was saying but thats beside the point. This game has potential no doubt… Just dont think it will be as flexible as everybody makes it out to be…. I can defitenley see Milo repeating himself more than one in a 2 hour game session no doubt… too bad his name stays milo i would of liked to call my Frikkie

  • WitWolfyZA

    Do you recall MS stating that “Project Natal” will be forward compatitble?

    I think Milo will definetly be releasaed with the next xbox console seeing that there is just too much to squeeze on a DL DVD. Note MS never said Milo was for the Xbox 360 they just stated that its possible with the current technology at hand..

  • WitWolfyZA

    Like they say dont BS the BS

  • uhm…DUH?! It’s a tech demo.Obviously things were
    scripted.If you play a RPG,you have a selection of questions and answers for a character to interact with.
    Same principle there. To think that she was talking normally and adlibbing to the program would be kinda
    dumb.Then it’s not about motion sencing,but about AI
    that’s far beyond anything you can imagine at this stage.

  • easy

    but that means sweet eff all! lcd/led technology was around for decades before they got it to a point that made it a VIABLE product… meaning affordable to the masses.
    so i couldn’t give a toss if they’ve got some super duper million core machine running it today… devil’s in the detail, which unfortunately is lacking right now

  • wow listening to you guys is funny… everyone’s so skeptical about new technology, but you forget how quickly we’ve reached this point where we are today. LED TV’s, Blu Ray Disks, Motion Capture Technology. we live in a wireless environment and we connect seamlessly to other peripherals. and it happened overnight.

    Yes this may have been scripted, but it doesn’t mean it’s not reachable in the foreseeable future. we live in an exciting age, and soon we just maybe playing games with freedom of a remote. Why show something to the public and tell you what it can do only to not have it do exactly that?

    I have faith in MS and their hardware has anyone seen the digital table? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCwzgKAcreY

  • easy

    while i understand what you saying, you really need to look at the history of different technologies.
    technology never happens over night, even though it may seem that way.
    take a look a lcd technology and see how long it has taken to get where it is today – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lcd#Brief_history

    and as for the digital table… that’s at least a couple years old and to be honest i can’t find one to buy anywhere. maybe i’ll have better luck next year :whistle:

  • Fox1

    Where’s the proof that is was scripted? :ermm:

    It’s ok to state that something may not be real but where’s the proof.

    And by the way just for non-computer scientists, AI has been developing from the 1950’s. :tongue:

  • Oh man, I SO called this. 🙂


    “Speaking of the Milo & Kate demo, since this still formed a part of the Project Natal presentation, I’ll use it as a good example of what I am talking about. Peter Molyneux spoke enthusiastically about the prospects of the new AI system combined with Project Natal. We were treated to a very impressive video showing us what we can expect in the future. Claire speaks to Milo as if he is a real boy, and people were wowed. Later, I read an interview with Peter Molyneux on Eurogamer where he reveals that Milo is in fact only “listening” to you when there is a white microphone on-screen. I then went back and watched the video again, and it became clear that 90% of what Claire said was just scripted garbage that Milo wasn’t even LISTENING to in the first place, all in the name of giving a false IMPRESSION to the audience.”

  • Kotaku wrote a piece on their hands-on time with it.
    Interesting read.

  • lans


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