What next for EA and Microsoft?

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So by now you would have all heard about Peter Moore moving to EA Sports and Don Mattrick moving the other way. We will never know the full reasons behind Peter’s move but we do get to speculate on what this might do for the current console wars.

Electronic Arts is the biggest game developer in the world with revenue nearing $3 billion last year. It was also reported this year that Madden 08 from EA Sports is going to run at a paltry 30 fps compared to the 360’s 60 fps.

Obviously this is bad PR for Sony and something that they need to sort out before they lost the American market completely. However now that the ex-360 boss is running the EA sports division how much time and dedication do you think Peter Moore is going to give to the PS3’s problems?

Something tells me that he as a preference in this next-gen war and it isn’t Sony. Not only could he possibly not help Sony as much as possible but he obviously also has some strong contacts inside Redmond who will no doubt give him a call when required.

So while not going as far as saying that Microsoft sanctioned this move by Peter I think it is entirely possible that they did not do their utmost to stop it. There is only one manufacturer that wins out of this and with EA now having some deep contacts inside Microsoft I am sure they are quite happy as well.

Nintendo will still get all the support they need as they are not seen as direct competition to Microsoft… However Sony are and since the EA games have not ever really broken into the Japanese market losing Sony may not be so bad after all.

So should Sony be worried? Or do you think EA is to corporate to let something like this happen?

If I was Sony I would be slightly worried and keeping my eyes peeled.

Last Updated: July 18, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • Jak

    They have stated that Madden will be 60fps and this game called NCAA football will be 30fps

  • LazySAGamer

    Unfortunately I am yet to see confirmation of that….

    Hopefully it is true though

  • Bam

    Here is the confirmation of the PS3 version running at 60fps http://www.psxextreme.com/ps3-news/1532.html

  • LazySAGamer

    ? That page just won’t load for me? weird

  • papa-action

    LOL Microsoft is probably intercepting the traffic 🙂

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