What to do when your Xbox gives you trouble

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Red Ring of DeathRockstar over at the Xbox 360 forums has put together a very nice run down of what you need to do if your Xbox gives you any trouble…

Ok, it’s a couple of easy steps:
1. Try to load another disk/game, and see if the problem persists.

2. If it does, remove the harddrive, and see if the problem still occurs. If problem is resolved with HDD removed, it could be that your profile’s been corrupted, or the HDD is faulty. Just to check, delete profile on the HDD, and try again.

3. Ok, so you’ve tried these steps, and the problem still occurs.
Firstly, gather all the info on the side of your console.
These are serial number, product id, and manufacturing date. They could also ask what the purchase date and retailer was. Get a pen and some paper, since you’ll be writing soon.

4. Now, call Xbox Help Centre on 0800 991 550.
Write down the name of the person you are speaking to for safety and reference if needed.
The operator will ask a couple of questions….name, address, bla bla bla… If you want to keep your harddrive, mention it to the operator. It is not a problem, and you have the right to keep your HDD, but tell the operator!!! They log the calls, so if your retailer has a problem with you keeping the HDD, just tell the guy to phone the help centre to get confirmation. I’ve heard of places that give you trouble with the HDD issue.

5. The operator will supply you with with a reference number. Write it down!!!!

6. Take the console (entire box with everything in as you bought it is better. If there was a game with it, like the GOW bundle, take the game too!!!) back to the retailer. They will ask you for the reference number. And bob’s your uncle, NEW console.

Please note that, if your console’s been modded in any way, like flashed or chipped, and as a result banned from xbox live, you wont be able to get a reference code, since the serial number will show up on their system as banned.

LASTLY, dont stress. It is a simple process, and my experience was quite painless. One phone call and it’s sorted!

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Last Updated: May 22, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • rockstar

    cool man! glad it helped, and hope it helps millions of others!

  • LazySAGamer

    Unfortunately it may be more useful to me than I hoped..
    I just had a power surge which toasted my access point and gave me the 3 red lights, the box seems fine but the AP is dead 🙁

    Keep your fingers crossed, oh yeah thanks again…

  • Belikyk


    Can anyone please help me?? I bought the guitar hero world tour pack. I was sooo keen to play “the Kill”by 30 seconds to mars. It is even written on the boax that it is on the setlist!!! But when i played the game i noticed that half of the song are not on my setlist on the disc, INCLUDING “the Kill” – the main reason i bought it!!!

    I even went on to xboxlive to try and download it but there is no such download for the song????? :devil:

  • The song needs to be unlocked first!
    You do that by playing through the career mode.

    If you;re too lazy to do that, go to the cheats menu under options, and press the following buttons on your guitar :
    Blue, Blue, Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Yellow.

    That should unlock all songs for play in quickplay mode.

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