What's in 360 fall update?

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So what can we expect in the Xbox 360 all update? Since Microsoft and Sony have completely opposite tactics in updating their system we can at least say for sure that it is going to be a big one.

So far the only thing confirmed is the parental timer, which I think is a master stroke. Basically you set a time limit for gameplay on the 360 and after little Johnny has used his 2 hour per day limit the console locks itself.

I remember my parents taking away my keyboard or controllers or constantly arguing with me to stop, so I can really see the appeal here for parents. Especially since a large chunk of the console markets buyers are mothers or grandparents. The 360 will become the best console for young families.

The other rumoured updates include DivX support (again) and the Video marketplace for the European buyers.

I am quietly hopeful that with this new fall update there will also be an announcement of new Live areas and more cross platform compatibility.

So what else do you want in the update?

What’s in Microsoft’s Xbox 360 fall update? – News – Tech.co.uk

Last Updated: November 13, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • J4NR1K

    …and the Video marketplace for the European buyers.. hope this does not kill it for us ‘unsupported’ region guys…

  • Really cool update when will it be available??


  • Apologies for posting twice and going completely off the topic, but do you perhaps know how much bandwidth Xbox Live would use?


  • LazySAGamer

    Bandwidth use depends very much on what you are doing… being a client in a GOW game takes about 60MB per hour while the host uses about 200. Forza 2 kills everyone and I have heard hosting a COD4 game wipes out your bandwidth…

    Like I said, it depends on what game you are playing 😉
    Oh the update is expected on the 2nd of December (RUMOUR)

  • Lazy 60MB/h, you crazy. Try 20MB/h-30MB/h.

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