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What’s your most badass moment in gaming?

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I felt so manly last night,I transformed into Terry Crews riding a talking tiger

If there’s one thing that I love about gaming, it’s living vicariously through a digital avatar as I rain destruction down on the foes before me. It’s not all sunshine and flowers however, as my kamikaze tactics usually end up with me dying harder than Mel Gibson’s Hollywood career.

But then you get that moment, that one time, where you wish that you could have recorded it. Such as last night, when I managed to kill six Cerberus troopers with six well-aimed headshots, within ten seconds, In Mass Effect 3 online.

I felt so awesome, so manly after that, that I might have even grown Chuck Norris levels of chest hair on my abnormally smooth torso. So how about you guys, any particularly fantastic feats of skill that you’ve managed to pull off?

Remember, quick-time events don’t count.

  • Dummisman

    *Spoiler* In the mission where you burn the weed, in Far Cry 3.. Jesus. I combo-ed stuff up like it was nothing. The sheer badassery of double-taking-down two guys from above, throwing a knife into the nearest man’s face before taking down his buddy and using his gun to take out some more is extraordinary.

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