Where is our official Xbox Live status Microsoft?

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Give us another chance

So the previews of the upcoming GTA IV DLC are being released and all in all it sounds absolutely brilliant. The single player is strong enough to stand up by itself and it sounds like they have really ramped up the multiplayer side of things.

But this just makes us mad… why you ask? Well I sure am glad you asked because I needed to rant again.

Where is our official Xbox Live status Microsoft?

When the Xbox 360 was originally launched way back in September 2006 and at that time the rumour were rife that Live would be following a year later.

Fast forward a year and we were still stuck with diddly, and so the fight began. Petitions were created (which have subsequently been taken down), empty promises were made by people apparently in the know and Microsoft themselves came up with some awesome excuses.

The most memorable being that they wanted to know how many locals were already connecting to Live before they could move forward… Two problems with that though, normally products are launched into a market that doesn’t have them and the only way we could tell you how many locals were connecting to Live was if you gave us access to your servers.

So here we sit, still being treated like second class citizens of the world with Microsoft only to happy to take our tainted money for the consoles and games but not so happy about letting us loose on Live.

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We have the retail infrastructure (one excuse that was given to me), we also have the Internet infrastructure as proven by the thousands of people connected to Live already.

We are an angry mob...

So what’s the excuse now Microsoft? Why is it that Sony can just tick that checkbox and allow Africans on the PSN and you can’t? We are not looking for local servers nor are we looking for all the movie rentals or added features the Americans get. We simply want to be able to download the content that our Government allows us to. We don’t live in Germany and shouldn’t be punished for their over the top censor board.

We want our Gold lancers, Gears map packs, GTA IV DLC and the rest of the gaming goodness that is on offer, hell we are even offering to pay for it just like everyone else, so please explain to me why this is a problem.

Last Updated: February 13, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Nazcanlines

    so this wasnt actually stated explicitly in the article… has germany banned the gta IV dlc?

  • I honestly don’t know at this time.

    Normally we only seem to find out when it’s to late

  • al360

    YA i totally agree!! Microsoft what the Hell is going on!i think is time they stop fart arsing around and actually make some effort for SA.

  • darthdad

    I was downgraded to silver on the sixth 🙁 of this month.
    I will not be upgrading to gold until Live is recognized in this country. If Sony can do it, without any official representation in this country. Why can Microsoft not?
    I’ve still got a year to go in this fair land of ours before moving to the States. I would dearly like to kick my brothers(lives in the states) ass in Gears for the remainder of the year.

  • al360

    i’ll def encourage that trend cause its like Microsoft is saying y must we make the effort for SA when we still rake in the cash without having to make live Offical in SA. Now u suck Microsoft!!!!

  • ocelot

    We should all invade hellopeter.com and complain to MS.

  • moegoe

    I haven’t been on LIVE since November because of a faulty XBOX and I really miss being on LIVE, but it’s not the end of the world for me. I think I’ll take the same stance and not renew my membership 🙁 as sad as it makes me feel…

  • baba

    Get a PS3.

  • Fox1

    I’m only on Live for the updates and patches. There’s no other way to get those patches :angry:

  • Wolfy

    first we cant download video or music videos. We couldnt even download some of the gamerpics. NOw its streaching to DLC aswel!!! Its getting ridiculous! We pay just as much as the over seas gamers. And still we get “not available in your area” WTF!!!! One more strike and i will go to PS3. No wonder they are fighting a losing battle. If it isnt faulty hardware. Its crap copied game discs. Im telling you im getting fed up. ITs like that MGS 4 debacle last year. “There are no plans for MGS 4 on Xbox 360…. YET…” Same story. Its insulting

  • Wolfy

    well i did my pat i went to hellopeter. who’se next

  • spl0it

    Hello Peter here I come

  • spl0it

    Just posted on the forum.
    Prepare for backlash MS

  • Wolfy

    you know whats the ironic thing.. they say there arent enough local xbox live users. well duh! obviously it will pick up when we have our own server dont ya think

  • RogueOne

    We will not be ignored
    **evil laugh**

  • High time guys. Let’s get some traction here. What’s happening MS? We have been supporting you since launch, were is our XBL then?

    GamerTag: pseudoboxer

  • Yeah, because most of the local XBL users have to parade under a UK or US banner.

  • janrik

    I have 100 local only friends on live… why would we care where the servers are hosted or if we are supported?

    I play the games I want with the people I want.

    Don’t jinx the boat! :cwy:

  • WitWolfyZA

    Dude post in hellopeter. i think you’ll get heard there 😉 i think the more we complain about xbox live local the better chance they’ll listen

  • Fudzy

    I’d suggest clicking and registering on all those social networking sites LG has under the article, those too are a good way to get our plight noticed.

  • WitWolfyZA

    dude dont you also wanna donwload the dlc’s and other content that are restricted to us also? Dawg knows i do! whats the use of having Gold if you cant download most of the stuff they intitle you in the first place becuase of a diffrent Ip adress

  • WitWolfyZA

    maybe we should do what that other guy did at the Sony building . maybe we should also throw chairs at they’re windows and scream some nasty… and yet true things lol

  • moegoe

    Wonder if complaining will help. We have been complaining for 2 years now and get shrugged off with a vague diplomatic answer.

  • WitWolfyZA

    True… Well if you dont keep on complaining you never know what would of happen. Darn i actauly wanted the new DLC for GTA 4 aswel

  • janrik

    I get the dlc I want, just takes a bit more hassle.

    Most of the things I do want is always available to download in any case.

    Live in SA would be more convenient, but one does not life in Africa for the convenience.

    Look, MS is a company with share holders. They are not going to throw money or resources at us, since they will not really make more money from that.

    Not in this economic climate.

    The people that really want live here, all ready have it. And the people that really want the DLC, they find ways of getting it.

    We can remind them, off course, but it will not really mean anything with the ‘low’ console and ADSL subscribers we have in this country.

  • Fox1

    With the new Seacom cable expecting to be ready in June 2009, many ISP’s are already planning on redesigning ADSL packages. There’s so much talk going around about how ADSL costs in South Africa are going to be dropped by the end of this year 😎

  • moegoe

    hmmmm… I see people are still signing http://www.sayyoursay.com
    Over 2000 signatures so far… I’m almost certain we’ve got double that amount of LIVE users in SA. Anyone think we have more?

  • WitWolfyZA

    sorry for spamming but here is another site some dude gave me on xbox live aswel

  • WitWolfyZA

    Well they have to if they wanna host the 2010 world cup were suspose to be giving uncapped internet service aswel. for streaming the matches online 😛

  • Yay ! ! ! i love rants when their for the right reason.My Gold account expired and Im also not getting another gold account until they officially bring Live here ! Wake up MSFT ! ! !Sony is gonna kick your ass in S.A And possibly africa. . .again.

  • bo0m

    Give us freaking Live already!

  • WitWolfyZA

    for intrest sake how do you actaully download something then when it says “not available in your area” then? i was on live at the forums and they couldnt give me any answers how to get around it. If you have a foreign IP dispite the server your using then you are doomed from the get go. something similai happend to me when i downloaded Lips DLC when i wanted to play it it didnt show up. Because i obviously have a PAL version and being on a US server all the content is NTSC. SO nothing shows. Take that 160MP

  • Marc

    Where is my golden lancer!?! Let’s blockade the MS buildings in Bryanston! Grab you lancers and pitchforks and let’s start picketing….

  • Garren


  • WitWolfyZA

    you guys are right that is a long way around…. damn good job though

  • WitWolfyZA

    many people say they wont do it because of the economic crisis. but why are they opening country wide retailers in America then????

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