Which console has the best version of Destiny?

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Destiny Gets a Ton of New Screenshots and Gorgeous Sky Time Lapse Vid 446238 2

Destiny might be a little muddy on the narrative side of things, but one thing it isn’t is an ugly game. In fact, Destiny is gorgeous title packed with tons of visual variety, from lush Venus jungles to old, rusted Russian bunkers. There are also some pretty fantastic, drool-inducing skyboxes. But which Destiny experience is superior?

That’s the question most people are still asking, even a year after both the Xbox One and PS4 launched. The PS4 still has the edge on most third-party titles, pushing out higher frame-rates and resolutions in most cases. That was apparent during Destiny’s beta, but for the launch Bungie went all in on console parity.

Surprisingly, that has worked out extremely well. According to the consistently amazing work done by Digital Foundry, there’s now solid proof that Bungie’s new IP runs beautifully on both new consoles, pushing out 1080p with ease. There are however a few hiccups here and there, and unsurprisingly the grass isn’t greener on Microsoft’s, uh, green console.

While both versions run at 1080p and 30FPS, the Xbox One does suffer rare frame-rate drops that are very noticeable to players. The PS4, however, manages to keep Destiny almost completely locked at 30FPS no matter what happens on the screen, never tearing you out of immersion. Smaller details such as dynamic shadow quality in some areas also fall in favour of Sony’s console, but unless you have both versions running next to each other you’ll never be able to tell.

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So which console should you get (or should you have purchased) Destiny for? Well, technically speaking, either really. There’s barely any technological advantage between the two that makes one ultimately superior, so the decision comes down to additional content really. Here, the PS4 is the way to go, without a doubt.

It is good to see that the Xbox One still managed to keep up with the PS4 with barely any sacrifices – which along with Diablo III is the the first real proof that the extra horsepower Microsoft gave developers is working.

Last Updated: September 15, 2014

Alessandro Barbosa

You can all call me Sandy until I figure out how to edit this thing, which is probably never. Sandy not good enough? Call me xXx_J0k3R_360degreeN0Sc0pe_xXx. Also, Geoff’s a bastard.

  • Admiral Chief Assassin

    Poor, poor eierdoos, die ding is sommer voos, en dit maak die mense boos, en geen liefde word gevind in die oos, die eienaars voel baie broos…

    • Hammersteyn

      Maar die eierdoos is so “liiker”

    • Mossel

      Iemand sal hulle moet troos…

      • Admiral Chief Assassin

        Ai, hoe het ek daai een gemis!

        • Anon A Mouse

          Want jy is talent loos? *hardloop*

          • Admiral Chief Assassin

            Hahaha, trol

      • JJ the Reus

        *iets wat rym met troos*

  • Pieter Smal

    PS4 duh!

  • Ryanza

    If Xbox One can’t even handle Destiny without tearing, frame drops and stuttering. Then The Witcher 3 has no chance of being 1080p 30fps on Xbox One. But if you planing to play The Witcher 3 on Xbox One then you just hate games because you going to complain.

    Don’t support DRM. The Witcher 3 is coming.

    • Admiral Chief Assassin

      Perhaps they are not as good as developing as the Witcher guys, either way, silly eierdoos

      • Ryanza

        Bungie has been at this console game for along time. CD Project RED only has one console game that came out 2 years ago. Well if Bungie worked on a PC release for Destiny, we might get to see how good of a developer they are.

  • Mark Treloar

    Except you don’t comment on the below par look of the older consoles supposedly running at 720P.

    • Sageville

      Well they are talking about the best console, so you can exclude the older gen consoles off the bat.

      The shadows alone are straight from Minecraft, so no competition there.

      • Mark Treloar

        Still there is no excuse for a developer releasing a game with such poor content. It would have been better if this was a new gen exclusive.

  • Anon A Mouse

    What’s the use of buying a XBone game if you can’t even buy the console yet?

  • More like which console has the least coma-inducing version of Destiny.

  • JJ the Reus

    PC running an emulator for either? Trolololo

    • Matthew Holliday

      games been launched, and they still havent decided if theyll be doing a PC version yet.
      all theyv said is “we’ll wait and see.”
      its GTA5 all over again.

      • JJ the Reus

        Oh great.

  • Betta on da iPhone 6!

  • Sk3tz0

    I wanna know if Level Advantages are disable in Crucible how the hell Am i getting One Hit killed.. Takes me a Clip to kill a person… what because im lvl 9.. fk u bungie i gotta work to pay support my habits!!!

    • Mark Treloar

      Level advantages disable are but gear advantages are not. Same as any MMO when playing PVP.

    • Sageville

      You can one-shot anyone in crucible with the Golden Gun, or a good Shotgun.

  • FoxOneZA

    You call your FPS next-gen but it runs at 30fps?

    • Sageville

      Obvious troll is obvious

      • FoxOneZA

        Halo 3 and COD ran well at 60fps.

    • OVGrounded new game+++

      COD has always been 60fps. Why did Activision drop it to Battlefield standards ?

  • Viking Of Science

    You know what I don’t get:

    So the SEGA DREAMCAST pushed 480p (640×480) at a solid 60FPS. and that was Every game on the system.

    Fast Forward 14 years, and consoles are struggling to get BACK to that?!? it seems backwards to me….

    • OVGrounded new game+++

      Money. Gamers don’t care anyway.
      But after switching from 60fps to 30fps in the Last of Us menu system. I will never go back.

      • stjimmyrulesx

        why would you want a slower framerate?

  • Matthew Holliday

    The correct answer is “PC”

    • It would, if it were on PC at the time of this writing and does framerate really make it a “better version”? This discussion is old. Let’s move on, can we?

      • Matthew Holliday

        ./care about framerate.
        mouse/keyboard pls.

        actually, thats a lie, i care about framerate, but the point was mouse/keyboard.

  • Brian Murphy

    “It is good to see that the Xbox One still managed to keep up with the PS4 with barely any sacrifices – which along with Diablo III is the the first real proof that the extra horsepower Microsoft gave developers is working.”

    Uh yeah, except Bungie purposefully made them as identical as they could? I wouldn’t be encouraged by something you know every multi-plat developer is doing. In fact, quite the opposite, gamer’s should be pissed off that MP developers are now dumbing down games to the lowest common denominator.

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