Who said online petitions don’t work?

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You’ve seen a million of them and most probably signed half but have you ever seen one actually have any effect on real life?

Well for once the Internet has joined forces for good and an online petition has accomplished what it set out to do. Recently some nimrod in the German government decided it would be a good idea to ban the distribution of all violent videogames, basically any game where the point was to inflict pain or death on another.

Are there any games that don’t fit that mould? Anyway as soon as this idea was broadcast an Internet petition was setup to stop it happening and as of today that petition has over 60 000 signatures which means the German government now has to conduct a public enquiry into the idiotic idea and hopefully reality will win out.

Though I wouldn’t hold my breath, by looking at a list of the world leaders it proves that it’s a rare occurrence that the masses actually get a decision right.

But good on you Internet, you did the best you could.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: July 28, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • nazcanlines

    if germany wins does that mean our xbox live interaction will take an even bigger knock? since basically most good games will be banned

  • janrik

    The start of the 5th Reich! :ninja:

    Hope this works. Then they will unban our violent content also.

  • Darkling

    Das ist wahr! 😎

  • Jimmytheediblewyrm

    Germany tried to ban paintball aswell, cause it “simulates killing”, there was a huge uproar about that, similar petitions were signed, and since then, the countries government has decided to rather age restrict the sport, which is a fair resolution for me.

    Internets + 2
    Politicos – 2


  • Didn’t the Left4Dead 2 petition also work? Valve said they are looking into ways for L4D 1 and 2 players to play together?

  • RonaldMcDeath

    Can’t M$ just launch a bare-bones service for Africa. I really don’t care about netflicks or any of those rental services. Comeon M$… pretty damn please… :dizzy:

  • RonaldMcDeath

    This really doesn’t surprise me. I lived in that bureaucratic cesspool of a welfare-state (Germany) for 2 years. I was so damn glad to be back in South Africa, but here’s the irony… I’m still being screwed over by those f**cking krauts :angry: even while all I want to do is enjoy a nice game on live.

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