Why can Sony not stop bending the facts?

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I wrote about Howard Stringer claiming that Sony sold 100 000 units in a week in the US a few days ago (View) and now Bloomberg are saying that they did in fact sell 100 000 units but that includes PS3, PS2 and PSP?

So yes Howard did not lie but he does appear to have been fudging it a bit.

When is Sony going to realise that people really appreciate being given honest and uncomplicated facts. Saying that you sold 60k or 70k PS3’s is great news for Sony. However now it just looks dodgy once again.

I really think they should hire a new PR firm to sort out their dealings with the media… Bad Sony…

Oh and before anyone says it, yes if I had read the original press release better I would have noticed this before, however that is not the point. The point is that Sony need to be more direct and honest with the people out there.

Bloomberg.com: Japan

Last Updated: November 16, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • baba

    I did not read the original article, but did Sony sell 100 000 units, or 100 000 PS3’s?

    If they sold 100 000 units, it is very clear to me that it is just that, and they did not mislead in any way. If they said 100 000 PS3’s, they are lying bastards!

  • LazySAGamer

    @Baba, exactly like I said, they didn’t lie but they are bending the truth and misleading people.

    The SonyProtectionGroup did the same thing as a joke a few months ago,

  • Ruslan

    When will you firmly believe that Sony are a bunch of arrogant sods? They kept fudging the facts before the PS3 was out. Didnt they promise the PS3 to have 4 HDMI ports and you would be able connect 2 LCDs to it, etc? ROFL!

  • baba

    They actually said 2 HDMI ports. As far as I know, the hardware is still capable, but who wants to pay R8000 for a console?

  • papa-action

    @ Lazy in the article from yahoo they clearly state “Sony said it sold more than 100,000 consoles of all types in the week ending Nov. 11.”

    Where is the fudging?

  • LazySAGamer

    @Papa, no one else releases figures like that. That is why it is fudging.

    They were talking about the price drop of the PS3 and he goes on to talk about 100 000 units, I don’t see how the PS2 and PSP suddenly became part of the conversation.

    The point is that Sony need to be more direct and honest with the people out there, stop trying to complicate the issue

  • doobiwan

    LAzy, let’s just be fair, they’ve got to find something positive to say after Nintendo’s handing them their bums in the hardware war, and Microsoft is knocking them silly in the Software war.

  • washer

    ya i bet this botherz u much doesnt it lazygamer. probably 100 000 working consolz not like crapbox360 that has 100000 failures in 1 day lol!

    doobipoo lolz u such a 360 fagbot you wouldnt know the meaning of fair if it slapped you through your face. hope your crapbox lasts the night.

    i lolz at you fagbotz cause u spendz so much times tracking every move that sony does and ps3 does that you must obviously be shaking in your fake shoes. i’m wrong u say? then why spend so much time and energy chasing & dissing something you not even part of? because fear causes you insecure fagbotz to lash out and create neg bollocks about the ps3. can see right through u fakerz.

  • Ruslan

    Lol… The prime candidate for looser of the year goes to… WASHER! Congrats! You win a free IDIOTS GUIDE ON HOW TO WRITE IN ENGLISH version 2.0, hope you read the manual before you install it. That is if you can read.

    By the way, US sales figures for October are out :

    (wont accept link but its on http://www.ve3d.com )

    1) Wii: 519,000
    2) Nintendo DS: 458,000
    3) Xbox 360: 366,000
    4) PlayStation Portable: 286,000
    5) PlayStation 2: 184,000
    6) PlayStation 3: 121,000

    Even their own PS2 & PSP is beating the crap out of the PS3. So much for a spike.

  • washer

    ya ya i knowz u loser from myadsl and xbot forums ruslan the great. or not so great? nobody like u much. shame i feel sorry for u. no actually i dont lol.

  • washer

    and fyi puslan, what about the Jap statz, u forgot to mention those where the ps3 smashed the crapbox to pieces. even million year old ps2 smashed it. in america their patriotism towards crap yank productz will always put the crapbox ahead but in real world like europe and japan where the real brainz are it gets pwned. u can say psp beat the ps3 cause they related so its one brother doing better than the other but when psp pwns the crapbox thatz just embarresing. nuff said yeah.

  • LazySAGamer

    @Washer, I honestly feel dumber after reading that abomination of a comment.

    Thanks for your input but I highly doubt you have helped your cause in anyway by childishly insulting other people never mind entire countries.

    Oh and we spend time following the PS3 because we are interested in the gaming industry, this would be the same reason we follow the Wii and Xbox as well.

  • doobiwan

    Woot! We have a new F***wit in the house! Everyone welcome …. Washer!

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