Why do games journalists insult people?

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Why do they do it?

It’s a very odd part of the gaming industry, you see it in virtually every magazine and on most gaming blogs. The guys and girls behind the keyboards seem to take pleasure in either insulting their readers or other members of the industry.

The latest example that got me thinking was this piece by Kevin Kelly of Joystiq who goes on a little mission about some other game reviewer and ends up with a very patronising piece.

I can understand some guys lashing out at times as you won’t believe the amount of abuse and negative comments that are received but when you get to the point where you feel that patronising your clientele is a good idea then it’s time to take a break.

I can only imagine that this oddity came about by people needing to make themselves feel more important and the age old way of doing that is by trying to bully other people.

I do generally expect more from Joystiq though.

Last Updated: August 13, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Syph1n

    “I do generally expect more from Joystiq though.” Same could be said about NAG but they never fail to amaze me how clever they think they are.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Pitty there isn’t an alternative to NAG to get some healthy competition going. I love the imported mags but too expensive.

  • Syph1n

    If i remember correctly lazy did post something about a ps3 eclusive mag going cross platform and basically becoming another nag but hopefully better.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Can you or someone remember the title of the mag? Too lazy too look it up.

  • Syph1n

    No fricking clue.. :). hopefully lazy can notice our little plight and inform us.

  • lol it’s call play the zone, and they’ve been around for a while now lol http://www.playthezone.co.za

  • SlippyMadFrog
  • LazySAGamer

    Coming to the rescue a couple of hours late 😳

    Glad to see you found it… also don’t forget about GEAR magazine…

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