Will the Wii-U cost $299 on release?

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The price of the upcoming Nintendo Wii-U is still a closely guarded secret with retailers all over the world putting up placeholder prices ranging from the insane $450 to the sublime $100. However it now sounds like we are more likely to see a $299 price tag slapped on the device at launch.

This latest news comes from the editor in chief of Gametrailers, Shane Satterfield, who says that he has heard through his sources that Nintendo has settled on a $299 price tag and that games are going to be sold for between $40 an $50 as was expected.

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Working on the bizarre 10-1 conversion ratio that our retailers love so much would mean that we could expect to pay R3000 for a Wii-U for Christmas.

From my short time with the Wii-U I can’t say for sure if it would be worth R3000, it really would depend on the titles that are released with it at launch and whether any of them will be as great as Super Mario Galaxy.

Last Updated: July 30, 2012

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