Win a DedSecsy Watch Dogs 2 hamper, including a Wrench figurine and a copy of the game!

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Watch Dogs 2 is out, and it’s pretty damned good according to just about everybody not called IGN. We’ve only just started playing it though, so we can’t really say whether or not we really disagree. From what we have played though, it’s a much smarter, lighter and fun game than its stuffy and over serious successor.

You know what makes great games even better? When they’re free. Thanks tour friends at Megarom and Ubisoft, we’ve got a super-duper Watch Dogs 2 hamper to give away.

One might even go so far as to call it Ded….secsy.

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Here’s what we’ve got up for grabs:

A copy of the game on your platform of choice, provided your platform of choice is PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

  • Wrench Figurine
  • T-shirt
  • Cloth patch
  • Earphones
  • Marcus Bag
  • Powerbank Speaker
  • Sticker for laptop
  • Stickers for PS4
  • Buttons
  • Bomber Jacket

Here’s the assortment of prizes:

Wrench is the dude who has emoticons plastered all over his face – and is one of the game’s most endearing, delightful characters. The figurine is awesome, and comes with detachable masks for different emotions. If I didn’t have to give it away, I would take this for myself.

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And Wrench:


All you have to do is fill in this form,  and you’ll be put in the draw to win. You’re allowed one entry per wholly unique email address, and you have to reside within the confines of South Africa.

Enter here: (PS: If you can’t see the form, please request desktop version from your mobile device)

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Last Updated: November 15, 2016

Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I’m old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time – they were capable of being masterpieces. I’m here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

  • Lord Chaos

    And… done.

    Let’s hope the winner is not a random.

    • Admiral Chief Argonian

      Agreed, I don’t mind NOT winning, I just want someone I see on the site every day to win

      • Lord Chaos

        But… I’m not on the site every day, at least I try 😛

        • Admiral Chief Argonian

          At least I see you once a week, so if you win, I’m happy

          • Lord Chaos

            I’d be happy to be in the top 10. Except for 7th that is.

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            Of course, NO one wants to be 7th

          • At least 7th place is ON the list

          • ^ This guy gets it

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            7th is worst than last

          • Lord Chaos

            7th is reserved for a very… special… friend to the site.

          • HAH! I don’t own a console so not entering this time. HAH

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            Just imagine how much you could sell this for….

          • darnit

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            And this, dear friends, is how Llew got 7th place again

          • Lord Chaos

            Or… gift to a fellow on the site… ’tis the season you know.

          • Avithar

            i would be happy to make the list lol

          • Lord Chaos

            And… Who’s stalking whom now!!

      • But…But… Us Lurkers is peoples too :'(
        I’m here like errday…. I just don’t comment on stuff like I used to….

        • HvR

          Who said that?

          WHO SAID THAT!!!!!!

          • A spooky ghost…

          • Lord Chaos

            Mom… is that you? 😀

          • Last time I checked I classify more as “Dad”, but whatever floats your goat 😀

          • HvR

            Did you just assume his mother’s gender?

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            Did you just assume he assumed his own gender?

          • HvR


          • I would never assume to assume the assumption that his mothers gender may be anything other than what it already is.

            Oh and assume, because that is today’s official word of the day…

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            When you assume, you make and ass out of u and me

          • Did you assume that?

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            No, got #Triggered

          • Triggered by ass, huh? Something we need to know about, Mate?

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            Nothing wrong with appreciating ass

            I appreciate my wife’s derrière quite frequently

          • Check this guy, getting all fancy with his words!

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            She has a fancy ass, had to elevate my linguistic explanatory statements to fully describe the majestic status of her posterior

          • Andre Fourie

            Are you bragging?

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            I’m just eloquently describing what awaits me at my humble abode when I return from this daily grind

          • Andre Fourie
          • Send here a link to this thread, Mate. The brownie points will be real!

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            Nope, I earn them elsewhere

          • Andre Fourie
        • Admiral Chief Argonian

          At least I know who you are mr A E

      • Andre Fourie

        True Dat.

  • “All you have to do is fill in this form, answer the ludicrously easy question, and you’ll be put in the draw to win.”

    What was the question? xD

  • Original Heretic

    Another contest, another chance at losing! Yay! I so love losing, it just makes my whole week.

  • HvR

    Hope the bomber jacket and t-shirt comes in real man sizes otherwise I will need to give it to JJ

    • I gave my AC Syndicate hoodie to my sister, who is 1/8th my size, and it didn’t even fit her lol XD
      The Tshirt fit perfectly though, so that was a plus.

      • Admiral Chief Argonian

        Just FYI, you are disqualified from winning again if you won recently

        • Was like a year ago so I’m so not DQ’d 😛

 seems to like me

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            Last time I won something here was about 3 years ago, so, good luck in any case!


          • Yeah to you too buddy <3

          • Lord Chaos

            If it weren’t for participation awards I’d have nothing. 😀

          • HairyEwok

            Last thing I won was tickets to go see the movie Fury, and i couldn’t even go watch it because of family matters and because I had to drive to Joburg which is 3 hours away from where I live.

    • Admiral Chief Argonian

      I could use another bomber jacket

  • Brandon van Reenen

    I swear to God, if I don’t win this, there will be hell to pay.

    • Admiral Chief Argonian

      Didn’t you win something the other day?

      • Lord Chaos

        Random people all look the same to me. 😛

        • Admiral Chief Argonian

          No, I’m almost sure Brandon won something recently

      • Brandon van Reenen

        Nope… unless I did?
        But no.

  • Andre Fourie

    I’m already getting your “awesome newslatter”. Done.

  • D4RKL1NG

    omg NEED!

    • Admiral Chief Argonian

      Sheeesh you ONLY come out to play when there are free things!

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        He feels the need.. the need for freed.

      • D4RKL1NG

        Oi! I lurk. I don’t comment because Geoff usually hurt my feelings by saying mean things

        • Admiral Chief Argonian

          Where did the mean Geoff touch you?

          • Everywhere apparently…

          • DragonSpirit009

            He is only preparing us for the world… They touch a lot more!

          • HvR

            On his Maggi’s

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            For 2 minutes?

          • D4RKL1NG

            On my studio

          • Admiral Chief Argonian


        • Get knotted, bro.

  • DragonSpirit009

    I NEED that Marcus Bag!!!

  • Mistake Not…

    Always nice to watch someone else win stuff.

    • Hammersteyn_hates_Raid0


  • Sageville


    The devil apparently doesn’t take credit cards…..

  • Andre Fourie

    Geez EVERYONE climbs out of the woodwork all of a sudden.

    • Lord Chaos

      Quick, get the Doom. The bug-spray or the BFG, either should do the job.

      • Andre Fourie

        Like having a family braai and mentioning everyone bring their own stuff. No one comes. Not saying anything about bringing stuff, the whole damn clan rocks up and drags along “family” you never knew about. XD

  • Andre Fourie
    • HairyEwok

      ^^^ too much catnip face ^^^

  • Avithar

    This hamper looks so cool

  • Johann

    Done. Lets see if I make the top 10 this time…

  • Brucely Shipalana

    I’m gonna hack the competition, DEDSEC style.

  • Not sure why locals bother 😛

  • HairyEwok

    I don’t even bother with the comps here anymore because a) hates me and always picks a person that like never even comments on this site and b) Because there’s no love for the PC master race huehuehue.

    • The PC Version isn’t even out bruh.

      • HairyEwok

        But the pre-order keys are 😛

  • Generic ZA

    Hopefully they get the spelling of my name correct for this ????

  • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd


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