Work Avoidance Wednesday: Destiny on PC

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Destiny is one of the largest new IPs – it has sold tons of copies, is getting loads of attention and causing plenty of debates. However, the PC master race has been missing out. Plenty of you have been desperate to use your mouse and keyboard for some Destiny pew pew action, and now you can.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. But this Loot Cave shooter simulates the experience that plenty of Destiny players have been having recently – rather than play the actual game, people are using the loot cave to farm for engrams and leveling. Now you can, too.

Destiny on PC 2

The loot cave might have been nerfed in Destiny, but we can still enjoy all the mindless shooting action. Avoid your work the way people have been wanting to do for weeks – do some farming in Destiny. You will just need the Unity plug-in installed and allowed and you can see how many levels you go up as you smile gleefully when you see a purple drop.

No, this isn’t what Destiny is actually all about. However, rather than discuss the virtues of high versus low loot drop rates, or the issues of farming in general, let’s just laugh at the loot cave tribute and enjoy shooting into nothingness in the hopes of a reward.

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Destiny on PC

How many levels can you go up before you break the trance-like state? Does this take you to a zen level of calm? Those wind sounds certainly help me relax and clear my head – maybe I should use this as a strange form of computer meditation.

Last Updated: October 1, 2014

Zoe Hawkins

Wielding my lasso of truth, I am the combination of nerd passion and grammar nazi. I delve into all things awesome and geek-tastic. I believe people should stop defining themselves and just enjoy playing games, so let’s get on with it!

  • Kensei Seraph – Staff

    How do you “nerved” something?
    Did your spell check get nerfed?

  • Matewis Jubilai

    Hmmpf you call this a work avoidance game? That baseball/cricket flash game, now that was a work avoidance game! I wonder if I still have my old screenshot of beating the game lying around somewhere…

    edit: nope, have a pic of another good work avoidance game instead:

    • Admiral Chief 0

      The mother of all games!

    • Kensei Seraph – Staff

      It looks a lot like Pocket Tanks.

      • Admiral Chief 0


        Pocket tanks looks like Scorched Earth!

        Get your facts straight!


        • Kensei Seraph – Staff

          I never played Scorched Earth so I don’t know which came first.

          • Admiral Chief 0

            Dude, that was one of the first games I ever played, dem feels

          • Alex Hicks

            WHAT!!!!!!!!! You never played Scorched Earth???!!!!! HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE!

          • Hammersteyn

            Launch the M.I.R.V. !!

          • Matewis Jubilai

            Launch the napalm into the small valley that tank is hiding in! (evil grin)

          • Admiral Chief 0


          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            No, the DEATH’S HEAD! No mercy!

          • Admiral Chief 0

            Indeed, NO MERCY TO BE HAD!

            I remember playing on a 386, if you launched the deaths head (on that hacked version, cheap cost) and the game would lag and stop because of all the deaths’ heads

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            My favourite was always destroying the ground under a tank & watching him fall to his death.

          • Hammersteyn

            I miss my PC speaker going ape shit when stuff blows up

          • Matewis Jubilai
          • Matewis Jubilai

            That is the game’s signature weapon no doubt! Also the one I remember best:

          • Admiral Chief 0

            F-F-F-F-FUNKY BOMB

          • Hammersteyn


          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Big badaboom ;P

      • Brady miaau

        This is the sort of the original throw stuff at other people (such a lot of stuff, nukes, mirvs, all sorts) after the gorrillas chucked some bananan

    • Mielies the Magnificent

      Dirtbomb to the face!!! Good times…

    • 2scaly4j0o

      One of the EPIC’s!

    • DJSkippy

      If i could I would set the upvote to infinity and then some more.

    • Rock789

      Such a classic, fun game! 🙂

      Anyone ever play, what I think was called “Gorillas”? It was a Qbasic based game – exactly the same as Scorched Earth, but instead you were King King sized gorillas throwing exploding bananas at one another in randomly generated city skyscrapers… Man, we spent many a Computer Science lesson playing that instead of following the teacher’s lecture…

  • Hammersteyn

    What happens when you reach level 20?

    • Admiral Chief 0

      Gabe comes and slaps you silly

    • Matewis Jubilai

      People in white coats arrive and take you to weskoppies. Weskoppies’ agents in white coats sometimes take a proactive approach. I’ve seen them waiting outside movie theaters checking everyone tickets when Liefling and Pretville were showing.

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      You qualify to start playing Final Fantasy games.

    • Kensei Seraph – Staff

      You become a wizard.

      • Hammersteyn

        I was thinking that’s when the game truly begins 😛

    • Mielies the Magnificent

      It gets nerfed and you only receive one engram every 40 seconds

  • Nikola

    Hhahahahah lol

  • Mielies the Magnificent

    Hey I got a purple engram!!! 99% chance it gives me 1 vibrating coin -.-

  • Astyanax

    “However, the PC master race has been missing out.” lol no we haven’t. Stupid anti-PC playing the victim card. What a surprise…

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