Worldwide sales for the 15th of February 2008

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Once again the PS3 beats out the 360 in sales, however the Wii shortage seems to be coming to an end which means the Wii is once again outselling everything… except the DS but I don’t think Nintendo will lose much sleep over that.

Wii  – 235,553
PS3 – 176,294
360 – 128,861

So 50k more PS3’s were sold than 360’s…. That is quite some margin and it really is about time that Microsoft made a move to reverse this trend, before they find themselves to far behind.

Wii  – 1,488,094
360 – 1,459,379
PS3 –    845,732

Sony really needs to start selling more games though, being outsold nearly 2:1 is not very good for the bottom line.

But just look at the Wii go, top in hardware and software… The shareholders must all look like cheshire cats.

VG Chartz | Worldwide Weekly Chart

Last Updated: February 25, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Well, well…
    @lazy, how many weeks has the PS3 beat the 360 ? and if im corect the margin seems to grow?

    Evilredzombie’s last blog post..Asta La Vista 3rd party

  • SlippyMadFrog

    “how many weeks has the PS3 beat the 360 ?”
    For what? Finish the sentance. Also stop promoting your anti-msoft fanboy drivel on every post you make. Lazy is actualy running an unbiased blog, unlike yours.

  • @SlippyMadFrog … little touchy hey… u ms fanboys scared.
    I have my opinion and you have yours. So lets keep it that way 🙂

    Evilredzombie’s last blog post..Asta La Vista 3rd party

  • Fox1

    @Evilredzombie- “Evilredzombie’s last blog post..Asta La Vista 3rd party”

    Stop wasting bandwith!!!

    Playstation news for SA??? Hahahahah! One post every now and then just goes to show how much news Playstation makes. I think you make more comments on Lazy’s blog than the news you report!

  • abe

    The thing with the software is the install base.
    Double the install base = double the software sales.
    Simple logic so I dont think sony will be that worried about it. However if Sony continues to sell more hardware the install base will continue to grow and slowly the software sales will begin to paint a similar picture!

  • LazySAGamer

    @Fox1, just so you know that link to redzombie’s blog is a new feature I installed. He’s not putting it there 😀

  • Banana hammock

    Boy oh boy, Fox1 and Slippy really need to get their heads out of each other’s ass.

    First of all, EvilRed is allowed to ask questions and make comments based on the post.

    Second, what does his website have to do with this post?

    Third, if you bothered to use your brains you’d realise that this is not all good news and Sony will not be overly pleased with these figures; 50,000 units more a week than a console with a 1 year lead is not great:

    52 weeks in a year * 50,000 = 2,600,000.

    Latest figures on total sale that i have are Sony @ 10,500,000 and MS as 18,000,000.

    That means Sony will be behind for a further 3 years, that’s not nearly good enough.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    @ evilred & Banana

    “u ms fanboys scared”
    Newsflash, I’m not a ms fanboy, I have praised lots of things about the PS3, I just chose the Xbox360.

    “I have my opinion and you have yours. So lets keep it that way”
    The irritating thing about your oppinion is that it screams anti-ms. Every single post, and you are calling me a fanboy?

    “Second, what does his website have to do with this post?”
    Exactly, but it’s still IN his post.

    “if you bothered to use your brains you’d realise that this is not all good news”
    Who said it was good news for Sony? -> your budy evilred did, seems like you are saying he is not using his brains.
    Anyway, I agree with you that its not nearly good enough. People say that after 2008, Sony will be way ahead but if you do the math, its doesn’t seem likely at this pace.

    Anyway, the reason I’m worked up is because every opportunity evilred gets to bash the xbox360 he jumps into our faces about it. Theres no need for it.

  • thanks @ lazy and @Banana hammock…my blog is just a hoby for when i have time…so @fox dont read it if it upsets you…Yes i make more comments here cos i love lazy’s site… myne is just to entertain me and the add 1 or 2 hundred readers a day.. im sure lazy’s hits are in the thousands.. Stil no awnser to my Question… how many weeks has the ps3 beaten the 360.
    Ps lazy thats a cool app u loaded to show the last post of users with a blog.
    Hey @ fox..why not create a anti PS3. site?

    evilredzombie’s last blog post..Asta La Vista 3rd party

  • Banana hammock


    The point is that you should have pointed it out to him, instead of flying off at a tangent and attacking his blog site.

    Also, check what Lazy said, the blog link is a feature of the site that Lazy added.

    Now back to the main thing, i don’t think what he said is all that bad really, I would really like to know how long the PS3 has outsold the XobX for and if the numbers are increasing.

    That’s not anti MS, it’s fact gathering.

  • Look we all know I’m not a 360 fan anymore.. However I think competition is healthy and welcome the competition. Hey @ fox… maybe my next weekly post will be about the fan boy war…

    evilredzombie’s last blog post..Asta La Vista 3rd party

  • SlippyMadFrog

    “how many weeks has the ps3 beaten the 360”
    Who knows? Except you ofcourse since you probably went to VGchartz and counted them. You would have probably also noticed that it’s significantly less than the times the 360 have beaten the PS3. But you probably couldn’t finish counting because you had some homework to do for school the next day.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Anywho redzombie, we cool right?

  • doobiwan

    We don’t need another anti PS3 site we’ve already got one, it’s called “the Internet” perhaps you’ve heard of it ? 😉

    It’s been 3 weeks that the PS3 has won by any significant margin, but as Banana said, there’s a long way to go and remember it’s still February. If MS is planning something and they do it now, what does it do? Very little because credit cards are still recovering from Xmas. It only opens the door for Sony or Nintendo to respond before March/April when the big guns start to come out.

    The 360 is the one still sitting at 90% launch price and is the one with room to move. If MS were worried, they would have responded. They have a plan.

  • @SlippyMadFrog yes.. i dont have any issues with gamers 🙂

    evilredzombie’s last blog post..Asta La Vista 3rd party

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Damn mondays! 🙂

  • abe

    Doobi I have to disagree, it must be more than three weeks.
    Didnt sony take Jan and now also taking feb? Thats atleast seven weeks surely?!?

  • I also kinda think its from jan…

    evilredzombie’s last blog post..Asta La Vista 3rd party

  • RivaZA

    This is not looking good for MS.
    As long as they carry on making games for 360 I am happy. But more devs might start making games on the PS3 then making dodgy ports on the 360.

    I thing MS must do something very soon. The way I see it they have to include a Blu-ray in the console, not for the games but for movies, and then bring the 360 inline or a little cheeper then the PS3. With the format war being won this is a must!

    If I were just getting into nextgen gaming now and I was presented with a console that can play Blu-ray movies and one that can’t, which one do you think I will take.

    It does not matter how many awesome games the 360 has and will get. The PS3 has a Blu-ray and 360 doesn’t, this will be the 360’s downfall if MS does not rectify this and soon!

  • ManesanZA

    “It does not matter how many awesome games the 360 has and will get. The PS3 has a Blu-ray and 360 doesn’t, this will be the 360’s downfall if MS does not rectify this and soon!”

    Really? The Wii is hammering the other consoles and is the least “nexgen”

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Well said but the Wii market is much different than the PS360 market. I don’t think the two must be compared.

    “It does not matter how many awesome games the 360 has and will get”
    I don’t think you understand the magnitude of what you just said. Lets say the Xbox360 out of the blue announce 30 exclusive titles while sony announces that MGS4 and GTAIV for the PS3 is cancelled. If you call yourself a gamer, you will rather get the console for playing the best games, instead of the console that can play movies. Maybe I will get the PS3 as a cheap blu-ray player but I will definitely get the Xbox360 for the games.

  • Fox1

    @Banana hammock- Typical PS3 fanboy hurling personal insults at other debaters because you have no facts and figures to make a claim. Your comments are not worthy of my interest.

    @evilredzombie- I’m not anti PS3 or anti Sony. A few weeks where the PS3 outsells the 360 does not constitute a whole.

    @Lazy- I don’t see the point of putting a link to evilredzombie’s blog. There’s only 116 articles from June 2007.

  • LazySAGamer


    It is an automatic plugin that checks the web URL of your personal site and if it can find a RSS feed it posts the most recent link.

    Today is it’s first day on the site and I am just seeing if it will add anything to the community or not.

    I like testing new things 😉

  • Well lazy better remove it …fox is about to cry… I humbly apologise to all out there that I don’t post every day.. Ha ha ha ha!!!! Hey fox you really don’t like me… wow my 1st online nemesis!
    Whoa- ha-ha-ha!!!
    I am from the dark side so I guess i will be the one having the evil lair…For FOX sakes man ! relax!

    evilredzombie’s last blog post..Asta La Vista 3rd party

  • abe

    I for one vote in favour of the rss link!
    Im not so sure about the whole blu ray thing cos essentially a console is meant for games. Good thing the PS3 has a very “commercial” line up. it can only lead to ore hardware sales, which equals more 3rd party exclusives which in turn equals more harware sales…..etc etc.
    I dont know if MS will be able to counter big titles like GT5, MGS4 etc. Purely because these are such commercially HUGE titles!

  • if Ms had to add a blu-ray add on what will the cos be ? huge so the 360 will be way more expensive than ps3

    evilredzombie’s last blog post..Asta La Vista 3rd party

  • RivaZA


    What I meant was, if I was new/casual gamer looking to get a next get system (not Wii) the PS3 looks like a much Notastier prospect because of Blu-ray. Most gamers like myself and you which can be described as more hardcore have already got their consoles. Now it is the Casual market MS needs, a market that puts functionality ahead of quality games. I just don’t see how MS will keep ahead of Sony without a Bly-Ray drive.

    I personally could not care less about blu-ray or movies at all, infact I own like 5 dvds, and I have had a DVD player since 2001. The problem for MS is a good chunk of the rest of the world does.

    I think it will only help if they put one in. It wont affect current owners because it is only for Blu-ray movie playback.

    Bye the Bye I am a bit of a 360 fanboy so that is why I am so concerned.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    I see your point, Blu-Ray def makes the PS3 more attractive. But I reckon if a casual gamer wants a console he would rather take the cheaper console with the big games library rather than the more expensive one. Tech junkies thats not to serious about games would def take the PS3. Anywho, I think both console will continue to sell well.

  • Fox1

    @evilredzombie & Lazy- I only see the point of adding the link to evilredzombie’s blog worth it if has some new news daily.

    @evilredzombie- Criticism is only a way to say that there is room for more improvement.
    “For FOX sakes man ! relax!”

    @Abe- UT3 was a major exclusive PS3 title and it only sold 0.22m. Heavenly Sword sold 0.80m and Unchartered Drakes Fortune sold 1.21m whereas Assassins Creed sold 2.26m on PS3 and 3.42m on the 360. Call of Duty 4 sold 4.84m on 360 and 2.36m on PS3.

    That goes to show that exclusives don’t always pay off.

  • abe

    Heavenly Sword was very early on in the game, Drakes is still fairly new and I expect it will continue to sell as its widey regarded as one of the best games on ps3.
    As for UT3 it hasnt even bee released world wide yet!

  • Fox1

    @evilredzombie & Lazy- Oh now I get it.! I see the plugin at the bottom of the comment box. Now I get. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought evilredzombie was advertising his blog. My mistake.

  • LazySAGamer

    🙂 I had faith in you Fox1….

    The idea behind it is to publicise the local community some more. Some of the visitors have some great personal blogs and they are all kind enough to link to me so I am returning the favour…

  • doobiwan

    Thanks, I’ve disabled it myself 😉

    I think the problem with the 360 at the moment is not that it doesn’t have BD, it’s that it doesn’t have a price cut!

    To the 360’s detriment I think it’s been selling too well, and Microsoft have gone a bit soft. I also think they’re trying to flush the channel in what is typically the quiet time of the year, but 2008 is unprecedented in the quality of titles being launched in January and February, and I think demand has caught them while trying to ramp falcons.

  • Fox1

    @Lazy- The sound of the cars from yesterday’s A1 GP is still zinging in my head 😉

  • abe

    Thats understandable, quite possibly the loudest thing ive ever heard. I was about 1m from the track. Insane!

  • Fox1

    @Abe- Nothing better than the adrenaline rush and sound. I was at the star/finish line. It’s my second time at the A1 GP. I can’t wait for the Ferrari powered cars next season.

  • Fox1

    @Abe- You must come for the Durban Airshow. The sound of the Mirage Fighter jet makes the ground rumble and alarms go off.

  • AveshR

    @Fox1 – Hahaha… the PS3 fanboys wont be able to feel the vibration of the Mirage Fighter jet 😀

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