Xbox 360 – 61 per cent failure rate

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There has been a lot of talk recently about the true failure rate of the Xbox 360. A popular website ran a poll on it’s site asking the visitors if they had had problems with their Xbox 360’s…

So far 2315 people had responded that they had gone through at least one console which was 61% of the survey…

That is a shockingly high number and obviously not accurate as there is no way that 61% of all Xbox’s are faulty. It is an indicator though that the failure rate is higher than what Microsoft would have us believe (4-5%)..

I don’t think we will ever be told exactly what the failure rate is but at least Xbox gamers can get their broken Xbox’s replaced very easily… Now if Microsoft would just put as much effort into the manufacturing quality as they do into the replacement procedure things should start getting better.

Last Updated: May 23, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • scotty777

    wow… thats crazy tho!!! there’s like a 0.2% (so i was told) failure rate of the ps3… it’s weird how the crappier (not in graphics etc… but in build quality) console is winning, just shows you that the buying public will get anything…

  • 2662 / 10,812,778(consoles sold) come on is it really that much of an issue JUST KIDDING 😛

    well if the stats are increased to worldwide voting, we could probably say that due to the 60% that could explain the large amount of consoles sold it’s over half so “in-fact” only 5mill have been sold – again JK!

    thought I’d waste sometime

  • Ruslan

    Lol.. how trustul can that poll be? I can imagine in fact some “other” console fanboys would have gone through the trouble to register simply to vote in that poll! A true poll would have at least had the requirement for the voter to list his valid gamertag as a measure to provide some form of authenticity in the results.

    I demand a recount! :p

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