Xbox 360 creates "limitations" for GTA IV

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So the creative VP of Rockstar has come out and said that the 360 has created ‘limitations’ on what it could do when developing GTA….

Basically it boils down to the Core model and no Blu-Ray or HD-DVD built in.

Now I completely agree with him on the Core model, I cannot believe Microsoft ever released a model without a Harddrive but we have to live with it… The Blu-Ray / HD-DVD excuse is a bit thin though.

Yes the Blu-Ray has more space but so does multiple discs and it is glaringly apparent that most gamers don’t care about multiple discs.

Anyway even after seeming to prefer the PS3 they demoed the game using the Xbox 360 so I guess the consoles are even then? 

Link to Xbox 360 creates “limitations” for GTA IV – Joystiq

Last Updated: May 30, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I think for games like GTA because of the huge world, and game fanatics always complaining about load times, have a single disk is always better, I still feel that MS should’ve done what Sony did in terms of installing certain data straight to the HDD, therefore creating more space and quicker load times, I hope this “limitation” doesn’t change the game up too much

  • Ruslan

    One thing the PS3 will never have is Achievements, there are way too many GSW out there who would agree. 😉

    Funny how Rockstar are the only company who are making multiplatform games that mention this. Nothing is coming out from the folks who are doing DMC 4 or Resident Evil 5 plus other previously exclusive PS3 titles ( Assasins Creed anyone? ).

  • dre

    Home? when the ps3 introduces home in fall there going to have acheivments. get ur facts straight

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