Xbox 360 in Japan – My personal irritation

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Japanese Software SalesOkay so lets take a look at this awesome graph that Gaming Front Network has put together to show us how the Xbox 360 is dead in Japan.

This graph depicts the amount of software sales in Japan and as we can easily see the pie chart on the left (2008) has a larger wedge for the Xbox 360 than the pie chart on the right (2007), no wait that means it is improving… So it must be the hardware sales where the issue lies.

In 2007 the Japanese bought 257,841 Xbox 360’s but in 2008 the Japanese only picked up 317,589 units… so again it’s improving… 

Okay so the original article was pointless but it did give me a pretty graphic and yet another excuse to rant about Japan, now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Japan and would love to go and visit the place someday. However I don’t put it on the gaming pedestal that others seem to.

Yes the Japanese market used to be vital to the industry and you couldn’t win the gaming war without winning in Japan, however things have changed now and Europe and America have both overtaken Japan in gaming importance. Microsoft gives Japan a lot of attention and it does sometimes feel like that budget would be better spent in other under funded countries.

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Either way history is going to repeat itself as the Wii is obviously going to win the war and take Japan along for the ride.

Source: TGF

Last Updated: February 18, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • Macethy

    Hmm last time i heard the Xbox 360 had a 60% market share here in SA.Bet they have Live in Japan though. . . :getlost:

  • DarthPenguin

    Well… I wouldn’t say its dead… its not like its getting trumped by the PS3.. the PS3 sells less than 3 games for every 360 game sold… when you look at the amount of Japanese games out on the PS3 compared to the amount of Japanese games out on the 360 in Japan.. the 360 is actually looking pretty good in sales.

  • They do indeed 😉

  • darthdad

    How well did the original Xbox do in Japan?
    Did they even release it there?
    I think the 360 is doing very well in what is predominantly a Nintendo/Sony fanbase.

  • easy

    i think why the japanese market is still important is due to the fact that sony is a japanese company, and microsoft would dearly love to eclipse sony on its home turf

  • SlippyMadFrog

    If the xbox360 is dead in Japan then the PS3 is not doing that great either.

  • someone

    Want to take the Japs…
    Make a hand held.
    Look at that DS go, damn. :cheerful:

  • the original Xbox failed miserable in Japan… it really really didn’t do well 😉

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