Xbox 360 not as useful as PS3 for [email protected]

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 Vijay Pande the brains behind the [email protected]  project has revealed that he doesn’t think the Xbox 360 will be much help to the project.

He goes on to say that the cell processor is 20 times faster than a typical PC for [email protected] and since the Xbox 360 uses typical PC CPU’s it would most probably not be able to compete with the PS3.

As much as I agree with him I still think they should bring the project to the 360. It’s for a very good cause and there are 10 million 360’s in the wild already. Even without cell processors that’s a lot of processing power. Follow the link for more info.

There is still no word on any plans for the [email protected] project to embrace the Xbox 360, but we’re sure that many Xbox 360 owners would be more than willing to help out such a good cause.

Source: Xbox 360 not as useful as PS3 for [email protected] – Pro-G

Last Updated: May 4, 2007

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  • papa-action

    I think Vijay is being a bit harsh on the Xbox360 here. The [email protected] PS3 client was specifically written (by Sony I think) to take advantage of the Cell processor. Come on, the XBox360 is no lightweight, it’s got a 64 bit PowerPC processor with 6 hardware threads!! If it had a [email protected] client written specifically to take advantage of it’s processor it will also probably return excellent results. Maybe not as good as the PS3 but probaly better than a traditional PC.

    One thing he also fails to mention about the PS3 [email protected] client is that it is much like their GPU client in that it only really excels at certain types of calculations (although it can process slightly more generic forms than the GPU but not as generic as the traditional CPU). Check out the PS3 [email protected] faq at

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