Xbox 360 not good enough for Ferrari Challenge

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First of all, I just want to avoid any confusion. There are two Ferrari licensed games on the way. The one I posted about yesterday is currently called “Ferrari Project”. The one I am talking about now is called “Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli”. Sorted then.

Ferrari Challenge creators System 3, have come out saying that the PS3 is the only way to go for their new racing simulator. CEO Mark Cale says “The PS3 offers the most powerful opportunity in the global marketplace.” and then takes a serious poke at Forza 2 for the Xbox 360 by saying “1080p resolution is a better solution than just HD,”.

You know what I think? I think… fair enough. Just do me a favour and don’t tell us that the game was dropped to something like 640p somewhere down the line to improve the framerate.

The PS3 is fully capable of displaying 1080p in all its glory. So if you say you are going to do it, you had better damn well do it.

I have posted before about how many games are being released in sub-HD resolutions because it really gets on my nerves. Developers need to start sticking to their promises of HD resolutions, and I actually take off my hat to Mr. Cale for saying that 1080p is a better solution than “just HD”. If they pull it off then I will be ecstatic because it will prove to the other developer’s that you can make a 1080p game and have it run at a smooth framerate.

Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 are immensely powerful consoles, capable of producing graphics of the finest quality in HD resolutions. Why is it that we have games like Gears of War and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue running in HD resolutions at smooth frame rates but are then presented with scenarios where other developers are throwing excuses left right and centre as to why they had to drop the resolution down to keep the game running smooth?

But back to the topic. System 3 claim that the PS3 is going to be the best console to release the game on, do they mean powerful like market power, or processing power? I’m not entirely sure, what I do know is that it seems that Xbox 360 owners will not be taking part in all the fun. The PS3 is definitely settling in nicely as can be seen by the support from developers. I really don’t understand why the developers didn’t rather push for a multiplatform release. The way I see it, you should rake in roughly double the sales shouldn’t you?

Oh well, Xbox owners, there’s still that other Ferrari game. If it became an Xbox 360 exclusive it would prove to be quite the awesome head-to-head, Ferrari 360 vs Ferrari PS3 battle.

source: Gamesradar

Last Updated: June 20, 2008

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  • darthdad

    Ferrari Project looks better than this anyway.

  • Janrik

    I had them confused. Agree Ferrari Projet looks way better.

  • Banana hammock

    This guy came across as very arrogant in the article i read. But i think they will get the 1080p thing right as car games don’t require anything more than 30fps.

    What he doesn’t know is that it doesn’t make any difference. His game will not sell that well on the PS3 because everyone is waiting for the full release of GT5. And if you check comments sections of threads about this game it’s full of guys saying they’ll rather wait for GT5.

  • Fred

    Tech team to boss , ” Sir , the output is in 1080p but it is actually not 1080p “

  • kay

    Agree, if they want to code for the PS3 architecture only, that’s their choice – just don’t come crying when you find that you can’t render smooth animation at 1080p 🙂 I don’t think either current console is capable of rendering 1080p with high levels of texture and model detail.

    kay’s last blog post..QCon Enterprise Service Bus Presentation

  • Fox1

    Hey Mr Game developer why do you compare your game to a 2 year old game 😮 . Why don’t you compare it to GRID ❓

    I have seen Ferrari’s race at the Durban A1GP… basically those cars do the thinking for you so there’s not much to sim with Ferrari’s.

    I wouldn’t get this game either considering Forza 3 would be on the horizon by the time the they port this game 😎

    Oh and the graphics in this game doesn’t do Ferrari’s justice 😡 :mrgreen:

  • Lets see the game play before you go shooting your mouth off Mr Developer, let your actions speak for themselves.

    doobiwan’s last blog post..The Games that made the consoles

  • Fox1

    There is a trailer at GT for this game. It’s also going to be released for the Wii 😯

    1080p on the Wii ❓

    1080p means nothing if your game doesn’t look good. Take Suzuka from Forza 2 and GT5P and compare them. Although Forza 2 is not 1080p, Suzuka still looks better with more texture and greater number of spectators 😉

  • Johnn0

    AFAIK, GT5 prologue runs at 1080p @ 60fps (correct me if i’m wrong), and that has a massive level of detail. So, it is possible…

  • darthdad


  • SlippyMadFrog

    “But i think they will get the 1080p thing right as car games don’t require anything more than 30fps.”
    I don’t agree with that. 60fps looks way better than 30fps no matter what the genre.

  • Jimmeh

    Err, it hardly looks like it’s going to be pushing the PS3 to it’s limits does it? 😛

    I’ve watched a few gameplay videos and I can’t say I’m too impressed. Blimey’s Ferrari Project looks infinitely better than this in my eyes. Either way, it’s still a little strange (and confusing) having two seperate Ferrari-licensed games on the horizon. Maybe we’ll see Blimey’s game on the 360 and PC (bearing in mind they’re very similar), while Ferrari Challenge remains PS3 exclusive?

  • Vamp

    I don’t own either console, but i have to say that that’s a pretty bold (or ignorant) statement, seeing that, to date, I have yet to see a cross-platform game where the 360 DIDN’T match or better the PS3 version.
    Just my opinion.

  • Fred

    Hey , these guys did last ninja on the c-64…… respect .

  • Fox1

    60fps translates to 360 calculations per second so it gives you a more accurate feel and reaction of the cars 😛

  • Vamp

    PS3 the only way to do it? 1080p? This guy might want to remove his foot from his mouth before making statements like the above. This game is apparently coming out on the Wii and the DS as well.
    (Unless there’s more than one Ferrari Challenge) Sounds a lot like the “Force Unleashed” excuse for the Pc.

  • “Kikizo: Xbox 360 version – is that on the cards at the moment? Is it planned?

    Cale: No it’s not in the plans at the moment, it is with regret we’re not doing a 360 version, but hence of the politics of Microsoft.”

    Maybe you okes should read the interview before posting your comments. It’s not that the XBOX can’t do it, it politics between themselved and MS. 😉

  • Fudzy

    Another thing that erks me about the Xbox360 or should I say Logitech is that the console has no support for the serious steering wheel, the G25. Not that a steering wheel is essential but having played Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in a racing chair with one of these wheels I must say it’s the closest to the real thing anyone is going to get.

  • I take it you missed the memo about the official 360 FF wheel then? 😉

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