Xbox 360 now half the price of the PS3?

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By now everyone has seen that Microsoft has slashed the price of the Xbox 360… Microsoft just need to announce it now.

Anyway, were one of the first sites to get any official comments from Sony and Nintendo and both companies have stated that they have no intentions of cutting their prices in response.

We are still waiting for Microsoft to confirm anything, but at the moment it looks like the 360 is going to be retailing for 149 pounds in the UK which is 30 pounds less than the Wii and a whopping 140 pounds less than the PS3… So you could now buy two Xbox 360’s for the price of one PS3.

Seeing that the games on both platforms are pretty much equal, with the 360 possibly still leading, you have to ask why anyone would actually pay double the price for the same machine. Is Blu-Ray really worth that much?

Source: TechRadar

Last Updated: March 10, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Jonathan Roux

    Hey Lazy,

    It is certainly good value for money (X360) but on the other hand, considering all the things I already do with my PS3 (and will do in future), I think it still pays for itself. It really comes down to how your home theater and central entertainment system works, you know. I will be installing Linux on my system, upgrading my hard drive, actually centralising everything I need in one spot. My music, photos, converted videos, all run off my PS3. Surfing the web is a dream. Also having Linux installed opens up other possibilities. And Blu-Ray is totally worth it…

  • darthdad

    Wait for it……..

  • Jonathan Roux

    Nice, Darthdad…Tad too late….hehe

  • darthdad

    It was not directed at you JR.

  • moegoe

    Confirmation from the Major

    “It was just announced that starting this Friday, the price of the Xbox 360 in Europe will be dropping.
    Let’s cut to the chase with the old and new prices*

    Xbox 360 – was: €349.99 / £249.99 now: €269.99 / £199.99
    Xbox 360 Elite – was: €449.99 / £299.99 now: €369.99 / £259.99
    Xbox 360 Arcade – was €269.99 / £199.99 now €199.99 / £159.99
    Again, these new prices will be effective in Europe from this Friday, March 14th”

    Someone please do these conversions, I’m rather Lazy 🙂

  • LazySAGamer

    We are around R600 cheaper than them, check the latest story

  • abe

    Hmm should the title not read Shitty version xbox now half the price of a ps3?
    Come on you cannot compare the arcade to the ps3.
    The Arcade is so gimped its not even funny.
    So yea when you add all the extra’s that you are actually getting, then paying R2500 more is actually very worth it.
    I mean the arcade cant even play all the available games properly.
    I think only the elite is comparable and even then you save R500 and lose out on so much!

  • SlippyMadFrog


    “I mean the arcade cant even play all the available games properly”
    Examples? Remember, an hard drive isn’t needed for any game in the Xbox360 library. Only if you want to download movies and arcade games then its needed.

    “Come on you cannot compare the arcade to the ps3”
    Actualy you can, double the amount of AAA titles at half the price of the PS3, bam!

  • SMF, sorry a small correction, there are 3x as many A+ titles for the 360 as there are for the PS3, just ask Meta critic 😉


    Abe, if you’re going to troll at least go find something true to troll about.

    Fact – The Arcade unit will play any and All 360 games perfectly offline.All arcade games and all Community games will play on the Arcade

    Fact – The Arcade will play 99% of games online as well. There are 2 or 3 games that have DLC requirements that exceed the capacity of the memory cards which is why online is not supported for those games.

    As part of certification, you cannot release a game for the 360 if it doesn’t support storageless play. The oft quoted “HDD required” tag is for MMO’s only.

    So just troll off and go rant about RRoD again or something. 😉 Better yet go and play something on your PS3…

    doobiwan’s last blog post..Ranting in my armchair: The 360 Price Cut & Why the Arcade wins

  • Kage

    No Doobiwan – now he has to go and play Drake’s Fortune for the 5th time. 😉

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