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Xbox 360 outsold the Wii-U 2:1

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So yesterday I posted up the not very exciting news that the Wii-U had sold 400 000 units in its first week which compared perfectly with pretty much every other console release.

Well it looks like Microsoft has decided to rain on Nintendo’s parade by announcing that it has managed to shift a whopping 750 000 units in the same timeframe in the US alone.

That’s close to a 2:1 ratio for a console that is coming to the very end of its lifespan. But to be fair there are two very large reasons why the Xbox 360 suddenly did so incredibly well and it’s not related to the Wii-U at all.

Reason number 1: Black Friday which is the biggest shopping day in the American calendar but more importantly was reason number 2. Halo 4.

Xbox sales spikes follow the release of Halo like Darryn surreptitiously follows the pretty ladies at the beach, it is to be expected and doesn’t really change anything.

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