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As any of you who visit would have noticed, in the last week the site has become very unstable and has been constantly going down.

MiNeM (The Big Cheese) has come out today and let us know what has been going on, unfortunately it is not good news. For the month of March they managed to use 29.6 gigs of bandwidth and since they are hosted locally this has turned into a huge expense.

He is currently R18 000 in the red with Web Africa who are turning off the power due to non-payment. A few other web hosts have offered to host the site for free but since the site is behind on it’s payments Web Africa will not allow it to move.

This obviously causes even more problems. Since the site is up it will suck more bandwidth which will cost more and therefor cannot be moved. If it goes down it will lose it’s clientelle and we will lose one of the better console websites in South Africa.

I understand Web Africa’s point of view but I see no reason why they cannot come to an agreement of sorts to get their outstanding fees paid up over a couple of months and allow the site to be moved now.

MiNeM has tried some of the advertising options and has unfortunately earned very little. Forums rarely earn much in pay per click advertising and are more inclined towards the pay per view type which is now so hard to come across.

The real problem here however is Telkom, it is absolutely ludicrous that a site hosted locally and viewed by local users can ring up a R18 000 hosting bill. This is yet another example of how uor economy gets throttled by Telkom.

I truly hope the new CEO of Telkom sorts out our bandwidth costs and that manages to come through this.

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Last Updated: April 10, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • stupid not to host outside SA…

  • Crazy infact.. will set you back $25 a month for 100gbs of bandwidth..

    Who doesnt check their bandwidth if they getting charged per meg??

    18k, thats a heap of cash..

  • Uncle

    29.6 gigs? From a forum… thats madness.

    I cant believe the price they are asking. Hope its not the end for its a great site and invaluable to Gamers PS3, Xbox and Wii alike.

  • LazySAGamer

    … this is coming onto a year old 🙂

    I think that forum is now pulling closer to 80gigs a month and is with an entirely different service provider.

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