Xbox Live a Haven for Paedophiles – It Happened Again

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Pee-Wee Just last week we reported on a grown man that used Xbox live to befriend, and then rape a minor. In a case of social networking déjà vu, it’s happened again – Edward Stout, a 27-year-old Missouri man stands accused of having unlawful sexual congress with a Californian teenage girl – 12 years his junior.

He is currently in the Fresno county jail, where he faces numerous federal and state charges, including coercion of a minor, lewd conduct with a minor, and being a scumbag*.

According to a 13 page criminal affidavit, Stout met the teen last March while playing video games with the girl’s brother over Xbox Live. In December last year, Stout sent the girl a cellphone so the pair could talk and exchange sexually explicit photos. In January of this year, the deviant crossed state lines, culminating in a hotel-bound sexual tryst this past Wednesday.

Once again, the stark lack of parenting is apparent – Whilst the girl’s father knew of her relationship with Stout he wasn’t concerned – “because he was aware that Stout resided in Missouri and therefore did not consider [him] a threat to the physical safety of his daughter.”

With all the sexual predation happening on Xbox Live, I’m starting to wonder if maybe Nintendo had it right with their awkward friend codes.

*Unfortunately, this isn’t a felony – neither a state or federal.

Source : Fresnobee, via Kotaku.

Last Updated: February 4, 2009

Geoffrey Tim

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  • easy

    …and it will happen again and again.

    the internet just makes it too easy

  • Janrik

    Wait, there are teen age girls on xbox live?

  • John

    “I believe the children are our future…”, Whitney may be a crack hoe, but parents need a serious wake up call. Obviously this one had not yet heard of automobiles…. dumb ass [email protected]^&ker

  • ok, so here’s the thing. This girl was 15!

    When we were 15 we were already getting into clubs and the girls my age had boyfriends of 22+ (sometimes older).

    It’s only big news because it happened over XBL.

    It’s not like he raped her. She chose to meet her. Teens should be protected, but should also be held accountable for their own stupidity.

    If i were the dad, i’d ground the little moron for the rest of her schooling career. Maybe send her to one of those really strict Catholic boarding schools.

  • and in the guys defense,
    “old enough to bleed… “

  • In the eyes of the law, she’s too young to make that decision. The age of consent in the state of California is 18 – sexual congress with anybody under that age is considered statutory rape, regardless of whether she chose to do it or not.

  • Wolfy

    yeah i have 2 of them, they’re scarse but there

  • Wolfy


  • Wolfy

    well amybe she’s a reel. just think back when you were a teenager. the more your parents forbid you to see your gf. the more you did it. Its the rush i say

  • Wolfy

    HAHAHAHA!!! “If she sits on the toilet and her feet reach the ground, why not?”

    thats what my friends and I always use to say :devil:

  • Yeah, used to say – but I’d hope you have more moral fibre than to go about sticking it in 15 year olds.

  • Wolfy

    ofcourse dude my gf is 19 . never sreatch further than 4 years here

  • Wolfy

    Question: Now that guy in the photo is he really a peadophile, Or just some random chappy you guys picked up on Google? I smell a lwa suit comming lol :biggrin:

    “2009.02.04 12:31, DarthPenguin said:

    The dude looks like a paedophile to me… I hope he doesn’t play on PSN… I want the paedophiles to stay XBOX EXCLUSIVE!!!”

  • The guy in the photo is Paul Reubens, better known as Pee-Wee Herman. There were many rumours and allegations of him being a paedophile, primarily after his 2001 arrest for possession of child pornography.

    Ruebens has denied allegations of paedophilia.

  • this back to Std 8, how many girls in your class were sexually active?

    (it also wasn’t legal to smoke/drink at that age and many of us did)

    I’m not saying that what the perv did was right, just arguing the fact that this is such a frequent occurance that the fact that it happened over XBL is not surprising.

    At the end of the day, if i were a father, I’d rather my daughter use XBL than mxit or facebook (or even worse… PSN :P)!

  • Rule of 7 dude…

    half your age and add 7, that’s the minimum age that’s allowed!

  • Lupus

    Why isn’t it a federal law, their law is if the person is under 16 and the other person involved is more then 4 years old they should be charged with aggravated sexual abuse. Even Missouri’s local law states if they under 17 convicted, seeing as she crossed state lines to go have a little fling.

  • If you have a look at where the asterisk is referencing, it’s stating that “being a scumbag” isn’t a felony.

  • Pee Wii 😆

    His been in sh*t more than once.
    I’m always skeptical about these weirdo’s
    who host children’s programs.
    Especially Barny! That f*cker is EVIL I tell ya!

  • It should be :angel:

  • DarthPenguin

    Do you not know what happens in those strict Catholic boarding schools?? Dude… thats what she wants her parents to do!!

  • Lupus

    Ah whoopsy 🙁 but [email protected] is right it should be 😀

  • dewej

    at least he’s straight

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