Xbox Live Auto-Renewal – Warning, There Is Some Fine Print

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Yesterday, I finally got around to turning my Xbox Live account’s auto-renewal function off. What? You didn’t know you could do that? Well then you obviously missed this post that we put up a short while ago showing you how it’s done.

So I was doing my thing and it was all going along rather swell. That is, until I noticed a little bit of text at the bottom that let me know that Microsoft wasn’t going to make it that easy for you.

If you have already turned your auto-renewal off or you are planning to do it in future then I suggest that you keep reading.

What I found was a little notice at the bottom of the page and when you are on a page with that much text it is quite easy to miss it.

Here is what is says:

Your changes will not be reflected until the term of your current membership has expired.

NOTICE: If you extend your membership by redeeming a prepaid code prior to the expiration of your current subscription, auto-renewal of your subscription will be reactivated.

So basically, what this means and what you should be aware of is that if you have turned the function off, it will automatically switch itself back on if you extend your membership before the end of you current subscription.

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So our Lazygamer top tip for the day is: Wait until your account automatically cuts you off before redeeming your next membership code, or make sure to get back onto so that you can switch auto-renewal off once again.

We hope that our top tip helps you out.

Last Updated: August 7, 2009

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  • ewie

    yes – was in the comments on the previous article.

  • Hendrik

    AARGH I FUCKING HATE YOU MICROSOFT. Seriously, anybody want my xbox fuck I’ve had enough of them.

  • XBOX_LIVE_Service_Deliver_NOW or we strike!

    Uh… I’ll take it 🙂 But seriously though, surely what they’re doing is not legal? My credit card is still being held hostage by these sods, and I just can’t get my details deleted from their services. Sure I could phone their call centre, but do I really want to chat to some Indian dude with a fake Seattle accent?

  • EchoZA

    I have a new issue, my CC works for monthly LIVE subs, but won’t let me purchase MS Points???

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