Xbox Tester reveals all – How evil are Microsoft?

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Oooooh, yummy! Don’t you just love it when you have to fire somebody, and it just blows up in your face? Yeah, probably not…But it sure does make great entertainment for us. And here is one of the best pieces of dirt I’ve hear in a while.

 So, a recently laid off Xbox 360 tester has reportedly rolled out a number of secrets. Secrets that Microsoft probably pays a lot to try and hide. Oooooh, I’m getting sweaty in the palms just retelling this story! Anyway, here it goes:

1) there is a self destruct command for Xbox 360

2) MS is software testing MGS 4 on Xbox 360

3) Software testers are under-paid and given impossible deadlines

4) MS bans staff from visiting and posting comments on certain sites.  

1st. Interesting Thing:

There is a super secret kill-switch remote suicide self-destruct command that if Microsoft really wanted to they can remotely trigger and tell an Xbox 360 to fry itself and die. This was intended to be a last resort option if a fight against Xbox Live cheaters or major league professional game piracy ever got big.

To their knowledge it has only been done in test situation in the lab but if they wanted to they could have the regular system security sweeps over Xbox Live activate a kill command when it found a compromised hacked Xbox 360 system. It works by having the Xbox overload a fuse and “pop” the fuse.

The Xbox 360 will then crash and then will get an “Red Ring of Death Core Digital” error when the boot-up test comes back with a major component hardware failure. This is not the same as bricking or crashing a system since this will actually do physical damage to the motherboard.

Crazy right? And here you thought you were safe using those hack switches to rack up the kills while playing Gears of War? Not anymore baby! Big Brother is watching you and apparently they are severely pissed…who’s the kid at the anthill with the magnifying glass now, huh?

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Give you a clue…starts with Micro and ends with Soft. Okay, this wasn’t really a clue. But just know…no-ones Xbox is safe from Bill Gate’s vengeful hand! MWA HA HA HA HA (okay, that is how I imagine Bill Gates would evil laugh…) 

Source: MaxConsole

Last Updated: May 15, 2009

  • That’s pretty hectic stuff, is that even legal?

  • easy

    probably not, but i’m sure ms has in its terms and conditions that if you look at your xbox in the wrong way you’ll be liable for slander.

    at any rate, all the above sounds like a load of tosh. you’ll find that he probably got fired for chronic drugs abuse at work.

  • Atomic

    that is awesome!!! – MS should kill the pirates 🙂

  • Pwned! I just pwned you in the face and now I’m going to tea-bad your dead corp….. PHWOOOOF , AAAAAAAAH!

    Maybe this is a good idea!

  • err, tea-bag lol

  • Inferno888

    I’d like to see if there is any relevance to these “secrets”. That’s a pretty big chance MS take. However I know if I were laid off, I’d also want to talk a lot of crap about my employer! :devil:

  • 3 and 4 I can believe. 1 and 2…not so much.

  • Rudolph

    Software testers are under-paid and given impossible deadlines – no one forced you to take the job, dumbass

    MS bans staff from visiting and posting comments on certain sites. – Again, quite obvious.

  • theturk

    Absolute bollocks on the killswitch ‘secret’. Surely MS wouldn’t be THAT stupid/crazy?

  • I see absolutely no reason why Microsoft couldn’t ‘brick’ a console over the wire… if I can format a server from my home over the Internet what honestly would stop Microsoft from doing the same to an Xbox?

  • imajin

    the wrath of the EU?

  • Bill Gates obviously has the switch attached to his heart. So that one day when he dies, all of the Xbox 360’s around the world Red Ring.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Secret #5: Microsoft invented aids.
    Secret #6: Steve Balmer eats babies
    Secret #7: Microsft killed the dinosaurs
    Secret #.. ah screw it

  • eXp

    I’m sure this killswitch is being over exaggerated.
    I do believe there could be a command that might fry the Xbox beyond repair, but I’m 100% sure that was not the ORIGINAL intention…. in the same way that sitting in your driveway, redlining your car for an hour could burn out the engine. Sure it CAN happen, but the accelerator pedal was not INTENDED to do that. Make sense? :silly:

  • Secret #8: Microsoft will the radio star


  • I accidentally a 360. Is this bad?

  • WitWolfyZA

    All the obove is hogwash. Lets be realistic, Who ever heard of a person who tried to fix a “RROD” console comming back and stating… Umm the whole board was irrapairable becuase of a self-destruct chip inside the xbox.

    And MGS4 software testing??? If im not mistaken… didnt MS state that MGS4 would run just as smooth on the Xbox 360… the only thing that held it back was Disc space…. Durrrr

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