Year of the PS3… or is it?

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Year of the PS3

When browsing the net this morning I noticed the unfortunate placing of two article on N4G.

We could go into a deep social analysis of interpreting why people are still looking for the year of the PS3 (We are looking at you Dynamo) and why, no matter how hard they try, they will never truly find the peace that they need.

People have a strong personal desire to be right and certain people view being right as  meaning that others are wrong.

Possibly some people are yearning for the PS3 to conquer all to re-ignite memories of happier, more innocent times. Or they just have some personal dislike against Microsoft and feel that they need to back the underdog in this fight?

Or maybe the 360 fanboys are right and the PS3 fanboys are still trying to justify the extra money they forked out?

I don’t think we will ever know, but one thing is for sure. 2008 was the year of the Nintendo Wii… as was 2007.

2009 is still up for grabs but unless something changes drastically, next year is Nintendo’s as well.

As for the PS3 overtaking the 360 and settling into second spot, don’t hold your breath. As we have discussed before, Sony isn’t eating away at that margin anywhere near fast enough.

With the latest rumours of a new Xbox arriving in 2011 it would seem that Sony only has 3 years to make up 5 million in sales. Add to that a huge price cut in the US and it becomes quite obvious to see that Microsoft are in the driving seat for second.

But fear not, by the time the PS4 comes out the PS3 will have overtaken the 360 in sales. So everyone wins.

Last Updated: September 10, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • SlippyMadFrog

    I hope you have your flame suit on Lazy, this could get messy.
    I think the PS fans are having difficulty that their console of choice isn’t dominating like last gen. It’s not losing as well, it’s just biting at Msoft’s heels.
    I still don’t understand why anyone would pass on the 360 since it’s low price. As soon as people own both consoles the fanboy wars will stop imo.

  • 0rk0

    It’s obvious form your article that your siding with the 360. And that it fine, since you are entitled to your opinion. But I do pick up a hint of sarcasm there in the end about the PS4. Whether it was intentional or not I cannot decide, but that is exactly why many people are sticking with Sony. Unlike Microsoft , Sony has always been backwards compatible or in it for the long run. Microsoft has always gone for the quick buck to make and stuff the consumer. You said it yourself in your article where they knew the 360 was having problems but didn’t care. Same with Windows. Jumping form version to version and always a mission to get your old games patched and working again.
    That’s why the PC is dying a slow death as more people realise this.
    The PS2 had backwards compatiblity and some PS3’s as well.
    All PS3’s can still play PSone games and some PS2 games as well.I’m sure the PS3 will get PS2 software emulation in the future, but only once the PS2 sales has died away.
    And that brings me to another point…How many Xbox are still selling compared to the PS2. So enjoy your little moment of bliss, but in +/- 2 years you’ll have to buy a new console again, which will render your current investments absolete. Sure you may have better graphics for +/- 2 years than the PS3, but graphics isn’t the only factor that makes a game good. So the question is whether it is worth it in the end and the answer it no.
    I’m still looking at buying Final Fantasy 3 up to 6 which I haven’t played on PSone and they are going to be great for years to come. The consumer comes first with Sony, not with Microsoft and that’s why I’m sticking with my PS3.

  • darthdad

    “I hope you have your flame suit on OrkO”

  • easy

    this whole fanboy malarky is pathetic! why does it matter what platform you choose?
    and its articles like this which stirs the pot and brings out the dregs of the gaming community to add the pearls of wisdom as to why one console is way better than the other.
    you have a great site, but with articles like this, you might as well call it lazy360gamer.

    btw i play both consoles and am think they both are strong gaming platforms.

  • abe

    The PS3 has already outsold the xbox by 1.7mil units this year. Muliply 1.7 by 3 and you get 5.1, what was that deficit again? Also what people fail to realise is that that number of 1.7 is exponential in its rise.
    But anyway, who cares, i play games!

  • I saw an interesting discussion last week (i think it was “Bonus Round” on They discuss the notion that “next-gen” is probably NOT going to happen anytime soon and that 2011/2012 upgrades won’t be neccessary.

    Why ? They give all sorts of reasons, but my personal reason is simply that MS & Sony are in the publishing business not the hardware business. Getting a console in your house is purely a way to get to you to spend loads of cash on their software/accessories, both camps took HUGE losses on the release of their console so i think 2011 is a little too soon for an upgrade.

    This gen will also live longer because features can be added with on-line updates. 360 is getting a fresh new look this year and PS3 home is around the corner too.

    Milesh Bhana ZAs last blog post..skate [360]

  • Might be. But around 2011 hardware prices will be lower for the current gen and next comming out on PC now. It will prolly cost the same to build a new console that is 3,4.. more times stronger and capable than what we have now, and I’m pretty sure the next xbox and playstation will be comaptible with current 360 and ps3. They will most likely look like “upgrades” still using very similar hardware but just more and faster cores on the cpu, wider busses and better gpus, and more memory.

  • Cheaper yes, faster, not so much. We’ve hit the clockspeed cap (we’ve had 3Ghz processors for ages, have you seen a 4Ghz processor on the market), all our advances now are with making existing processors smaller and cheaper then adding more of them on a single die.

    So my 2011 prediction will be an xbox (or a PS3 for that matter) that is the size of a diskman, where the GPU/CPU is on a single chip. (Possibly integrated into a another device) AND Sony/MS will make a profit selling them.

    Milesh Bhana ZAs last blog post..skate [360]

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Strange since sony dropped BC in one of their sku’s. The Xbox360 is compatable with the majority of xbox games. Ironically it seems like the PS3 is less concerned about BC this gen. Also, why do you think the 720 won’t have BC?
    What does windows have to do with the Xbox360?

    I’m sorry OrkO but there are a lot of holes in your argument.

  • Could you point me in the direction of these stats?

    Oh and don’t forget that the PS3 revealed it’s big title already this year (MGS4) While Gears 2 is still coming.

    I expect the PS3 to outsell the 360 this year but I expect the number to be in the hundreds of thousands and not millions

  • 0rk0

    I believe the reason why they haven’t worried too much about BC for PS2 games is because they are still selling PS2 consoles. I never said the 720 won’t have BC. Windows is also made by Microsoft and Microsoft makes Xbox360’s.
    Microsoft don’t care about the consumer, only about their pocket size. I recently got Windows Vista ,which is crawling, and instead of fixing it, they opt-out and are now going to release a Windows 7 to replace Vista. That is the Microsoft trend. I therefore aren’t going to support their console, but if you are happy with it, then enjoy it.

    I don’t think my argument is as flawed as you would like to suggest. I’ve had years of experience with Microsoft since the MS-DOS days. My intension wasn’t to insult you, since you’re obivously a 360 owner. It’s not about being a fanboy, it’s about getting value for your money.

  • 0rk0

    Like a Flamebat from starcraft ; )

  • baba

    I don’t care who wins or loses. In the end I win, because I have all these great games to play on a variety of consoles.
    And to prove my point, here are games I’m busy with right now:
    PS1: FFVII – again
    PS2: Amplitude – again
    PS3: Just finished Resistance – at last!
    360: Geometry Wars2 – Absolutely brilliant!
    PSP: FF Tactics
    Wii: SMG

  • SlippyMadFrog

    I wasn’t insulted by your comment, I don’t get insulted over petty console wars but I do like to argue about it 🙂

    “but in +/- 2 years you’ll have to buy a new console again, which will render your current investments absolete”
    I understood from that line that you said the 720 won’t have BC. Also the Xbox360 is already more than 2 years old and counting.

    Believe it or not but Msoft policy on operating systems has absolutely nothing to do with consoles. In no way do I feel ripped off by buying their console. They RROD is bad but the do fix it for free. They offer BC so the games I buy now can still be played with the 720.

    I think your argument is more appropriate in Windows OS vs Linux or Windows OS vs OS X, not in console wars.

    Also, don’t you feel a bit ripped off that you had to re-buy your controlers due to Sony saying rumble is last gen because of legal issues and then releasing it later on? That sounds a lot like microsoft 😉

    Anywho, the bottom line is that both companies are in it for the money and nothing else. Sony’s no angel, just like MSoft.

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