Yet another Watch Dogs limited edition announcement

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Remember back at the end of April when I told you about announcements for Watch Dog limited editions?  Well, now another one has been unveiled.  This is a North American one, but I really want it to be released here, too!

Here it is in all its glory

It contains:

  • A Collector’s Box (I really don’t know why they mention this)
  • Steel book with game
  • Soundtrack
  • Art Book
  • 9″ action figure
  • Vigilante Mask

Oh wow, I REALLY want that vigilante mask.  That’s awesome.  Except in North America, where people get shot for wearing hoodies and seeming to be “up to no good”.  I wonder how well a vigilante mask will go down.  I’m sure it will be no problem.

We’ll be getting Watch Dogs 22 November, coming to PC, PS3 and PS4, as well as Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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